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AuroIN Honored with the Prestigious Frederick Award 2013

FREDERICK, 19th December 2013 – AuroIN LLC received the annual award for outstanding performance in Network Designers/Consultants category by the Frederick award program. Each year, the award is bestowed to only one winner for the given category and this time it was AuroIN.

AuroIN has demonstrated an excellent marketing skill in their locality and business category. Nominating oneself in this category is never easier as a huge quantum of obligations comes under its perspective which needs to be fulfilled. The award in itself is a threshold for exceptional marketing success. The companies that excel in this category are considered beneficial to the society as they enhance small business through service to their customers and the rest of the community, thereby making the Frederick area a better place to live, work, and play.

The award is endowed on the suitable recipients only after scaling them in various categories and the received information. The source of information is generally created by the award program itself and information provided by third parties. Frederick award program prioritizes quality more than anything else.

About Frederick Award Program

The Frederick Award Program is established to recognize the accomplishment of local businesses throughout the Frederick area. It works diligently with local business owners, trade groups, professional association, advertising and marketing groups, etc. The award aims to cover the contributions and achievements of those companies who used their abilities and implemented programs to create competitive advantage and long-term value.

AuroIN is a major name in online marketing industry and has been delivering its services to a wide list of worldwide clientèle since long. The company provides affordable and cost-effective marketing services for online business groups and communities.

Best Export Award Distribution Ceremony

11th December 2013 – Bhubneswar, Odisha, India - It gives us great pleasure and pride to announce that AuroIN (India) Ltd. was awarded by Govt. of Odisha for its splendid export performance during the year 2010-11 in the "Electronic and Software Product Group". The other companies that received awards in various categories includes: Best Export Award given to NALCO for Export of Aluminum, MMTC for Iron Ore, IMFA for Ferro Chrome, MMTC for Pig Iron, Infosys for Software, Magnum Sea Foods for Prawn, L&T for Machinery and IRE for Ferro Alloys.

The award was received by our C.E.O. Mrs. Archana Padhy on behalf of AuroIN in a grand Ceremony that took place in the dusk of 11/12/13 from Sri Panchanan Das, Secretary to Government of Odisha, MSME Dept. This is a great achievement for all of us and we are sure our efforts and team spirit will add more feathers to our Cap in our future days. I am thankful to the Govt. of Odisha for the appreciation.

Annada Prasad Padhy (CMD)

Blood should circulate - AuroIN family announces blood donation camp on 15th November, 2013

Like every year, this time also the AuroIN family has decided to observe a blood donation camp. It will be conducted in its Bhubaneswar office premises on the 15th of this month.

The company has joined hands with 'WE4YOU', an Odisha-based NGO for the novel cause. We greatly appreciate the employees who have come forward and nominated themselves to participate in the conscientious approach. The firm believes on the fact that, “blood is one fragile scarlet tree that we all carry within us and it should circulate”.

This novel initiative has been supported by the company time and again. We saw it successfully previous year where a considerable number of employees as well as members of the management turned up to share their life-saving fluid. We were able to produce more than 40 units of blood and we hope that this time it will be way more than that.

All the vital arrangements have been made and the blood donation will be carried out under the supervision of skilled and trained technicians. The safety and health condition of the donor will be given the top priority and everything will be regulated in a controlled environment.

“We find this as our duty that we owe towards the people of our society who knowingly or unknowingly help us in many ways”, said the CMD of the company, Annada Prasad Padhy, while announcing the camp. He also added, “Odisha has recently overcome a turbulent situation caused by Phailin, a cyclone that shook the entire state and nearby regions. Annihilations as these repeatedly prevail and nobody but, we along with the people of state can unitedly fight and beat it”.

The camp is scheduled to start from 11:00 am onwards and will be continued till 3:00 pm of the same day.


Bharat Bhawna Diwas: 06th May 2013

AuroIN Family feels proud to announce to be a part of it!

WE, EVERY INDIAN, TOGETHER, sung the beloved National Anthem exactly at 10 AM on 6th May 2013, to create an unbelievable World Record.

To make a World Record with our National Anthem “Jana, Gana, Mana” was a wonderful feeling of great pride and joy. Pakistan was holding the World Record till 6th May 2013, 10: 00 AM, of 42,813 people at one place singing the National Anthem in a group. We, Indians, created a new World Record, with 1,01,000 Sahara India Pariwar Workers singing the National Anthem together at one point in Lucknow in one Uniform along with other corporates joining the band wagon. In all more than 11Lakhs Sahara workers sung together from 4512 Sahara Offices spread across India. AuroIN family feels proud to be a part of this national integrated event when we rubbed shoulders at 10 AM on 6th May, to extend our support as Indians.

Army personnel across seven states joined in large numbers to sing the National Anthem at the same time and more than 1,00,000 students sung as one. The whole world witnessed the “EMOTIONAL INTEGRATION, NATIONAL INTEGRATION OF US, INDIANS. On this day when we all stood as ONE to honor our National Anthem”.

We thank Sahara Pariwar for the initiative taken towards “National Integration”.

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IT Team in China

The agenda for the delegation is to have focused meetings with the Chinese Government and Industry to facilitate higher market access for the Indian Industry, as well as reduce non-tariff barriers.

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Odisha to showcase investment opportunity at Singapore

With Singapore emerging as a key financial hub of Asia, Odisha government today decided to woo investors there by showcasing the investment opportunities in the state.

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AuroIN Invest Bhubaneswar TiEcon 2012

The International Annual meet of the Indus Entrepreneurs was one the most prestigious events of May, 2012, held in the significant city of Santa Clara, in the heart of Silicon Valley. In this TiEcon 2012 held in the Santa Clara Convention Centre, was the largest event of entrepreneurs and attended by over 4000 delegates consisting of serial entrepreneurs, investors, Industry analysts and start-ups across the world. In this business juncture 2 teams participated from Invest Bhubaneswar, viz; AuroIN and Luminous Infoways. The delegates in the events were very excited and pleased to see the efforts of Invest Bhubaneswar Companies involved in promoting Bhubaneswar as the best investment destination. AuroIN, the largest SEO Company of India, with an objective of setting up an office in the Silicon Valley, showcased its profile. Luminous Infoways promoted its recently launched Product Smart Office and explored opportunities for collaborations and distribution channels. Spearheading the promotions was Purna Mohanty Convenor, Invest Bhubaneswar.

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