Team AuroIN

Creating a company and managing it is an audacious job. It is not about quarterly or annual profits, nor it is about employees getting their share of salary in time. There is a lot more to it. Some companies have managed to do more for their employees and this has made them stand out above all others. They've got everything a person could want in a workplace: opportunities, benefits, strong leadership, work-life balance, compensation and more. AuroIN is one such organization that has worked immensely over the years to provide its employees a great place to work. It still leaves no leaf unturned, even after being one of the fastest growing online marketing company in the world.

AuroIN is well aware of the fact that creating a company that is a great place to work is critical. The founder(s), administration and management have a clear vision of what the company is, what are the plans for the future, what it has to offer, its strength and core area of expertise. The community-like environment makes every employee feel comfortable and productive.

The following aspects make AuroIN stand out above all others:

Annada Prasad Padhy

Chairman and Managing Director

Education: Received a B.Sc. in Botany from the University of Berhampur and his IT and management education at GNIIT.
Experience: 15 years in Internet and Search Marketing technologies
Career goal: To continue to learn as an entrepreneur, create an environment and space for community business growth, and inspire and educate our future leaders!
Life Goal: He would like to travel and experience numerous cultures, to be a great citizen of the world!
Residence: He currently resides in Bhubaneswar, India with his wife, two children and parents.
Interesting Fact: He has lived in 6 cities and 10 homes all across the state. He enjoys ice cream and shrimps .. together! He follows yoga surya namaskar techniques everyday. Read More

Archana Padhy

Chief Executive Officer

Education: Archana holds a Masters Degree in Education, multiple online marketing certifications.
Experience: She has first hand experience running an online company for +10 years.
Career goal: To help the local economy, through her leadership and innovations – contribute to society as a whole. She is a person who organizes and operates a business venture and assumes much of the associated risk.
Life Goal: To help her employees and network of people effectively change their lives forever.
Residence: Bhubaneswar, the clean and green temple city of India.
Interesting Fact: She enjoys the outdoors and cooking innovative food. And yes, desire to build wealth as an important motivation for her.Read More

Dwarika Prasad Tripathy

Chief Technology Officer


Practical Exposure to Improve Skill Set

“Am sure most companies now-a-days have training sessions planned for any employee joining their organization. But there is a difference that AuroIN makes which any one can figure out. No matter if you are a fresher or an experienced person, here along with the regular training that anyone for a particular designation undergoes, there is another session specifically planned by the head after acknowledging your skills. There are different levels of training such as beginner, average and pro levels and it can be categorized into industry specification, communication, geographical location, generalized training, etc. The organization provides theoretical as well as practical exposure that helps improve and understand your role and responsibility easily. And it's not just the work related information that you get to learn but also ensures development in different areas that attributes to an individuals future success too.”

Balakrishna Sahu



“We believe on execution not vision. We believe on performances not rehearsals. Each day I cover at AuroIN brings me self enlightenment, because I can foresee my contribution enriching company growth.”



Sj Lenin Mohanty

Legal Advisor


Sense of Social Responsibility

“I appreciate the way AuroIN helps out moral and social responsibility for the society. In October, our state was hit by a terrible cyclone, called Phailine. Thousands of people across the state were badly affected. AuroIN India Limited had organized a relief camp at interior Gopalpur of Ganjam District nearer to the coast. I felt pretty proud that AuroIN felt the pain of the Phailine affected people and distributed the relief to them. Employees along with other members of AuroIN visited the place and consoled the people. Good to see that the company is determined to stand behind the people of India in the fight against any natural calamity. AuroIN contributed food & other accessories worth Rs. 50,000/- to the Phailine affected people.”

Tapas Parida

Asst. VP (Support)


Sporting Facilities:

You might have heard about a lot of companies and its working culture, but have you ever heard of a company's sporting culture? What can be better if you have given a chance to show your talent in sports and games. I am very keen for cricket. The day when I got a job at AuroIN, I was thinking that I will not get time to play cricket again. But here I got the opportunity not only to play the game, but also at a higher level competition. My friends used to tell me that they played in the Var India Cup, We For You tournament and I was a silent listener, but this time I was a part of it. The most important thing that I learn here is “Playing the game is not all about winning it, but winning the heart of millions”. That's all.



Ashima Mahapatra

Sr. Manager (Sales)


Safety for Women Employees

“With a cooperative and unbiased working environment, AuroIN offers its female employees a safe surrounding to work in. A major amount of time any working individual spends after stepping out of the house is in office and its very essential for females to feel secure enough here. Only then they can have a peace of mind and concentrate on the best ways to handle their projects. I am happy to say that my company understands this point perfectly and supports it. In fact AuroIN also provides cab facilities along with trusted drivers helping women in easy and safe transport. Another contributing factor is out of 3-4 shifts, women are allotted with the day shift to avoid traveling at night. All such measures and more have made me feel secure to work here, so am sure you can feel the same too.”



Dusmanta Samal

Project Manager


SEO Training Sessions

“Learning is a process that never ends. A person with a job doesn't mean its everything. Learning new technologies and applying that in respective field is critical too. When I joined AuroIN, all I thought was to finish my work for the day and log off. But our management introduced the training session in the evening hours. Initially I didn't find it easy, but after the few sessions I realized that in every session enlightend me with newer concepts of digital marketing. What I can say is, now I am technically better than that what I was at the time of joining. I want to thank the management for coming up with this unique and interactive training session, because learning new things improvise your capabilities, gets you to another level.”

Bharat Manjori Mohanta

Sr. HR Executive


Employee Engagement is Priority

“Programmes from Administration and HR serve as a valuable foundation for strong and sustainable employee engagement. The programs are designed through careful planning in a manner that it involves business success as well as employee engagement. These programmes and practices are relevant to the business as well as employees. At AuroIN, the leaders of the organization truly believe that their greatest asset is their people. The co-workers as friendly, caring, and bright. This makes work all the more fun. It meshes well into the company's culture. The leaders work with clarity and focus, and ensure that they maintain visibility and transparency in business strategy goals and progress. ”

Kanhu Ch. Sahu

Project Manager


Collaborative Work Environment

"I get a collaborative environment to work. Communication is very open that helps with the collaboration. The best part is a lot of teamwork goes into every project and this helps in accomplishing clear goals with accuracy. It provides me constant opportunities to learn new techniques and come up with new ways to inspire my team and fellow employees to do their best. Collaborative environments allows us to communicate, coordinate and collaborate to accomplish a shared objective. Sometimes team members get so involved in the process of becoming a team they forget the reason they were made a team in the first place, or vice versa. As a team, as a group of people working together, we work toward a common goal, a goal filled with new ideas, new concepts. The best part of working at AuroIN is that I am treated with trust and respect. Work doesn’t seem so much like work anymore. I count myself among the lucky few."

Swagat Mishra

Project Manager (Development)


Hostel Accommodation

“Where to begin? The company offers ideal and furnished boarding facilities for employees; with a dash of homely-environment, the rooms are utterly comfy and spacious; cleanliness and hygiene, the two most crucial aspects of a perfect living space is well taken care of here. It just doesn't ends.

Outstanding, is the word I would go for if you will ask me to describe the hostel accommodation facility of AuroIN in one word. Besides, the place is safe, clean, and secured in all sorts of ways. The rooms has all amenities for a comfortable stay.

So far, this is the best accommodation I have ever dwelled in. The distance from the company to the hostel is also walkable. I love the company's impartial nature for the reason that the hostel facility can be availed by employees as well as consultants of any designation. Not a general thing you see everywhere, do you? ”



Jayanta Sahu

Project Manager


Perfect Work-Life Balance

“The work-life balance culture is another celebrated aspect of AuroIN's culture. What I like is the fact that the company focuses on output and efficiency, and believes this is possible by offering flexibility to employees with their work and our personal lives. The company stresses on the fact that work-life balance is most important for employee's sound health and mind. It allows me my own comfort-space and helps reinforce behaviors that generate success. Employees get the very sense of business direction and company goals and clearly understand what is expected from them. The company recognize achievements and instill a great sense of confidence and responsibility among employees. The frequent communication from leaders help solidify the alignment between goal, expectation and performance. It is the vision of the company that always inspires me consistently to strive to conquer the vertex of success. ”

Debasmita Sahu

Project Manager


Weekly 5 Working Days

“For most companies in Odisha, it is generally 6 working days in a week and I'm sure most of you reading it will agree to that. Even all my past companies that I have worked for had the same routine until I moved to AuroIN. The moment I came across the “5 working days in a week” points mentioned in the company features section, I gave one up to it. In fact, it was the main booster for me while joining. Of course other factors played a role or two.

Five working days accompanied with a great leave policy, what else do you need! It's like a boon for every employee. You have enough time to manage your chores as well as give time to your family and friends. For me, its the best thing that I like about the company. ”

Aparna Mahapatra

Project Manager



“I always believed in the fact that the driving force behind the business has to be efficient, flexible and secure infrastructure. Be it a hardware, software or ITES company, the most essential aspect is to secure and manage the business information. AuroIN has proved me right. The business fundamentals and ethics of the company is all set to being out bigger and better outcomes, thereby allowing employees to stretch their knowledge and skill in a positive manner. The company strives on meticulous planning and pro-employee-decisions. As an employee of AuroIN, I highly cherish the processes, structures and opportunities provided to me and every other employee. ”

Puspanjali Behera

Senior Manager (Sales)


Comfortable Workstation

“You have a workstation that is clean, spacious, and comfortable. These are the three reasons why I love my workspace the most.

Being a cleanliness freak, I generally have a hard time in most of the places but in my office. Not a single rubble will you find messing in the entire space, especially at your workstation. Secondly, there is enough space between you and the next person sitting. Third and the most vital reason is the comfort element. An office is the second home and unless it is comfortable, it's not workable. Thank universe that they took care of this aspect in the best way.

A full-fledged workstation gives me the required energy and motivation to carry out my job in the best manner. And, the credit here goes to the housekeeping guys ( Munna and co.). They do a great job indeed.”



M.C. Rao

Project Manager


Yoga Sessions

“There has been many situations where I got opportunities to learn and work on my professional skills in AuroIN. But I would like to talk about the one good thing that I look forward to everyday, the yoga session. I have always been partial towards physical fitness and stress busting exercises. So, when the sessions were introduced, I and some of my colleagues who shared the same interest were pretty much excited about it. Its headed by a professional yoga trainer who breaks down the steps informing about the effect of every single step on the participant's body. Though its not a varied form of yoga, still the exercises we cover are very beneficial in nature. The most important part is the activity practiced in those sessions helps us deal with the everyday stress and other health issues related to work life such as eye exercise, neck exercise, shoulder rotation, ardha-chakrasana, pranayam etc. So missing out on daily exercises now, is not an option for me. ”

Nimarendra Panda

Project Manager


Fun-Filled Celebrations

“To make us more interactive and free in our working, AuroIN is the only company where I got an opportunity to discover my cultural and other curricular skills present inside me. Its Foundation Day, Mid year gathering and month end celebrations has led a open atmosphere for employees of all departments. Games, quiz competition and other cultural events made me more familiar with other employees of the company. Even the company provides us snacks or dinner on those events which are just delicious and in wide varieties. This fun filled activities reminds me of my schools days where we work as a team to add some value to our reputation. Now, I am working with the same team spirit to take my company ahead of the competitive market. We work together, we celebrate together and we enjoy together, so that we can work with more enthusiasm. ”

Sitansu Kar

Market Analyzer


Free Meals and Refreshments

“If you ask me, the free meals facility at AuroIN is really an exemplary benefit. The company provides free catered lunch or dinner everyday to every employee irrespective of her/his position. Also the food served is hot and fresh and culinary speaking, it tastes so homely. What's more is everyday there will be different dishes on the vegetarian-specific menu, keeping aside the regular Rice and Dal of course. Apart from that, we also get refreshments (tea and snacks) twice a day.

Many companies who offer food basically provide it for a price. Those who have free food service, the quality of it becomes a huge issue there. Very rarely do you come across companies where the food is free as well as fabulous and one such example is AuroIN. These small perks might make a very little difference, but broadly speaking it is a huge relief for me and also for the other employees, right guys?”

Anil Kumar Nath

Market Analyzer


Unique Assembly Session

“Over work leads to stress. Keeping this thing in mind, AuroIN on a daily basis conducts an assembly session for the employees twice in a day, every morning and evening. This give employees an opportunity for taking out some time from their busy work schedule and dedicating it to the above Almighty, for seeking blessings from him. This process not only de-stress you, but also fills your mind with lots of positivity, which brings back the same energy, enthusiasm and the working zeal in you. This unique assembly session not only includes reciting the prayer, but also the HR present make you stay updated by reading out the recent news, technology updates from all over the world. They also make everyone aware about the rules and regulations of the office premises and promises for giving a better and healthy work environment to each employee working. ”

Manoj Behera

Sr. Sales Manager


Employee Feedback Program:

For every individual Time is money, but what an employee means to an organization? At AuroIN I got the answer to my query. Every month our management conducts employee feedback program. This is to know exactly which areas need improvement. Of course, it's a very good decision taken by the management. Throwing your decision at your employees will certainly not work. You need to know what they want and what can be done to improve the performance. At AuroIN they not only take the inputs from the employees, but implement them for a better working environment.

Charak Pattnaik

Content Production Manager


SEO Training Sessions:

Content, Advertising/Marketing and Technology all are starting to intersect at one point and making a move together, hand-in-hand. My team at AuroIN is doing precisely that. They are the true unsung faces behind every successful delivery of engaging and clickable content. For me, the future of Digital marketing will depend on the collaboration of adaptive marketing concepts; simple-informative content; sound and responsible social media presence; and smart link building techniques. This symbiotic relationship will be the key for any Brand to succeed, come any algorithm update from Google. I thank AuroIN and my team for the opportunity and assistance in the quest for niche concepts in digital marketing.

Prasanta Kumar Sahu

Asst. Account Manager



When I got the offer letter from AuroIN, I was in a dilema whether I accept the offer. At that time the thing that came into my mind was to check for the certifications and recogntions by the company. I visited the website and realized that if I don't join, then definitely I would have been on the losing side. AuroIN is certified by NASSCOM, STPI, ISO and Govt. of India. That's the sign of a good brand. Apart from that employee satisfaction is more important than getting the certification, that's what AuroIN stands for. Really happy to work here.