AuroIN Complaints

From an online business point-of-view, what is most distressing is losing a prospective customer because of complaints that were found from searching for the company name on Google (or any other search engine, for that matter).

In today's world, what you are, is defined by what comes up when someone “Googles” you. Online businesses are losing thousands of dollars every hour, due to complaints and negative feedback present online, in various forums. The irony is that many of these complaints might be erroneous, fake, generated by a competitor, or posted by a vengeful former employee, etc. Whatever the case, any kind of complaint will have a negative impact on the business. Add to that the search engines' tendency to prioritize complaints over positive feedback, and you get a perfect recipe for how to quickly lose business.

A few complaints may well be justified. However, this holds true for any business; even Google and Microsoft have long lists of supposedly genuine complaints. Regardless of whether a complaint is from a competitor, a forum, or a news site; the results can be disastrous.

AuroIN has seen its own share of complaints, and has tried numerous ways of dealing with them. Most complaints were fake, but that didn't stop them from ranking right at the top of the search listing. When we first came face-to-face with this situation, we initially chose to ignore it. However, we soon realized the far-reaching repercussions of these complaints, in terms of loss of clients (both existing and prospective). We adopted a reactive approach towards handling complaints about AuroIN but realized that this was not working in our favor, and that our online reputation was at stake.

We realized that in order to come clean, we needed to focus on the root, rather that the branches. This resulted in the AuroIN Complaint Management System - a one-of-a-kind, proactive and innovative approach to handling complaints about AuroIN.

Once we implemented the system, we observed a steady improvement in our online reputation. The losses that we had been continuously incurring, owing to the accusations, slowly started to diminish. We have now been able to successfully revive our online reputation, in spite of the initially huge number of complaints about AuroIN.

We understand the importance of a positive reputation, and the pain that results from a negative reputation. Our tailor-made, tried-and-tested Complaint Management System will allow you to bring your reputation back under your control so that you can focus on running your online business.

Having succeeded in this unique endeavor, in the form of the AuroIN Complaint Management System, we are now gladly opening the door to reputation management, for the online world.