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What you Need to Know About Conversion Rate Optimization

In marketing terms, ‘Conversion’ basically means, you want your website visitors to take certain actions that are in favor of you or actions that you want them to take. Furthermore, turning those visitors into customers. For instance, signing-up to newsletter or email, creating an account, making a purchase …and more. The bottom line

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Content Marketing in 2015

Content Marketing Guide: Why and How To Do It

Content Marketing is simple, but requires hard-work and consistency! The art of creating ‘valuable’ and ‘relevant’ content that compels users’ attention is not easy. Moreover, you need to have a clearly defined targeted customer to get the most out of your investment. Basically, you need to

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What is an .Edu or .Gov Link Worth of?

Quantifying the value of links is one type of assessment every search marketer is interested in. This gives them a fair idea of the amount of time and money they need to invest in the link building efforts. Generating back links from high authority sites has always been one of the top methods

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EmailMarketing: Superb Marketing Tool That Delivers High ROI

Establishing an online presence is a good way to leverage your sales and improve brand awareness. Marketing, on the other hand is the best way to drive better visibility; especially with ‘Digital-Marketing’. However, there are many aspects and techniques of digital-marketing that can be launched to make a promising return! But, there is one

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Difference Between Mobile Website and Responsive Web Design

What’s the Difference Between A Mobile Website and Responsive Web Design?

This new age of portability is marked by the arrival of an array of hand held devices. From iPad to Galaxy tab, and iPhone to Lumia, electronics with different screen sizes populate the store. This creates one challenge for Internet-based websites –

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