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Google Maps- Whats New in This Location Searching App?

The resurgence of Google maps with a set of entirely new and advanced features makes its way into a whole new level of mapping services provided by Google. The application with its recent add-ons is now more customizable, informative and needless to mention, provides an ingenious way of

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Showcase Page – LinkedIn’s New Addition to Improve Link Between Users

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking site has announced a new development in its existing company pages. A new option now powers companies to create a distinct page on their LinkedIn profile apart from their company page. Known as Showcase page, these pages will be

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Google+ gets to play a lot of roles and in the lexicon of search engine optimization, it can be personalized in a lot of different ways. This social platform acts otherwise as a brand hub which when conjoined with SEO tools and tactics becomes a promotional tool for webmasters.

Google powers its +pages to

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Google Helpouts: Get Live Help From Experts

The curiosity of Google in providing answers to its zillions of users has given birth to a lot of processes and this time, it’s a live video chatting platform. Named as Helpouts, it will serve as a real-time video chat which will connect the user with a pertinent expert, also allowing them to share their

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Google+ Enhanced – More upgrades on Videos, Photos and Hangouts

The past couple of months has been a period of resurrection for Google. The search and social media giant have unfolded many upgrades and changes in its overall architecture. The recent one is related to its social media identity, i.e., Google+. A host of upgrades has been announced on the

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