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How to Link Building and Marketing for My Website

Link building is one of the most obvious and big-time strategies for website marketing. However, negligent link-building or wrong strategies can also bring on penalties from search engines and end up in doing exactly the opposite of what you intended. For clean and logical website marketing, external link building activities are of paramount importance, but internal link building, too, is essential for garnering pagerank and search visibility. The most common methods of website marketing through link building strategies include:

Internal link building and anchor texts

The importance of this no-penalty strategy is often overlooked as it does not seem directly related to website marketing. However, internal link building and anchor texts have a direct impact on your page rank and enhance search engine visibility. Usually internal link building consists of anchor text words or phrases that are spread throughout the textual content and not bunched at the end.

Link Building and Website Marketing through Comment Links

One of the most common, overhyped, and risky methods include comment links, and many SEO services do not follow the rules of internet etiquette and end up creating spam. As most website and forum software come today with “no follow” links functionality, the value of this kind of link building has become questionable. The only acceptable use has been reduced to constructive participation in relevant forum discussions by a forum member whose sig contains link to your website.

Link Building and Website Marketing through Submitting Articles

Submitting knowledgeable and authoritative articles to article directories and other sites with a back link to your website as the source of the article author or submitter still works well to an extent, and remains safe is rules are followed.

Link Building and Website Marketing by Submitting Your Site to Web Directories

This seems simple and straightforward. However, submitting your site to most directories may be fruitless, unless you consider DMOZ, Yahoo, and Google. While DMOZ and Yahoo are better from the angle of website marketing to a greater and more relevant audience, Google helps to access geographically relevant markets through local searches.

Link Building and Website Marketing through Paid Links

There are companies which offer paid link services which consists of a do follow link from an anchor text within the content of an external site. This may be costly, but usually safe unless overdone. Overusing text link brokers can see your website penalized by search engines.

Link Building and Website Marketing through Quality Content

One of the highest and most satisfying part of the art is to create such good content that others republish your matter with backlinks to you. Sometimes this is called link baiting, but it is one of the safest and most satisfying forms of garnering links. A part of this strategy extends to using social media to share your content.

Link Building Strategies Using Google’s Universal Search

Actually, this is also part of organic search optimization and consists of creating content according to Google’s Universal Search, including press releases, videos, images, and documents. This is safe and gaining importance every day.

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