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Top Five Internet Marketing Tools for Your Business

This article does not actually speak about the top five Internet marketing tools as in top five products, but the top five categories of Internet marketing tools that you should focus on to build your business. In each category, I have named either a SEO tool or a package that would offer you greater insight into the process of Internet marketing.

The top five categories of Internet marketing tools to build your business would be SEO tools, Community-building tools, Press release tools, Affiliate marketing tools, and Contextual advertising tools. While there can be a whole list of other categories and types, I believe that these are the five kinds of Internet marketing tools that a business should first focus upon in any stage of its development.

SEO Tools: Again there’s a whole lot out there, for SEO is the number one hyped and confusing element of internet marketing. You can’t leave the need of an SEO tool out of any internet marketing equation, whether it is competitor analysis or website optimization. In this category, there is so much work to be done, that no single tool can suffice your need. But one would, if you take it as a tool: The Mozilla Firefox browser with its SEO specific add-ins. Use Firefox with add-ins like Firebug, seoquake, Search Status, SEOBook, Web Developer Toolbar, LiveHTTP Headers, Y!Slow and so on, and you’ve got an arsenal of free and effective SEO tools at your beck and call.

Internet Marketing Tools for Community Building:

The top five internet marketing tools in this category would be Blogger, Google Groups, Yahoo Groups, Facebook, and Topica Discussion Lists. While there are many others like MySpace, and Tweeter etcetera, the tools I have suggested would yield relevant results faster.

Internet Marketing Tools for Press Releases

Some of the best and free internet marketing tools for your business under this category includes PRWeb, Inewswire, 24-7Press Release, AddPR, and PR Leap. There are other services which may be as good, but those mentioned here are reliable internet marketing tools for your business.

Internet Marketing Tools for Affiliate Marketing:

The top five internet marketing tools for affiliate marketing, according to me, would be WebMerge, ProductShowcase Creator, LinkShare, Commission Junction, and of course, Google.

Internet Marketing Tools for Contextual Advertising:

The top five internet marketing tools for contextual advertising obviously cannot ignore Google Adwords, but that’s also the ultimate platform that eats up your money faster than anything else. So, to really use Google Adwords to an optimized capacity, you need to analyze your contextual marketing needs before setting up an advertising campaign and the following five tools would come in handy: Firefox Adsense Notifier, 123promotion adsense example tool, Digital Point Adsense sandbox tool, Adsense tools from DWOZ, and SEOBook contextual advertising category.

Selecting internet marketing tools is like running ahead of a crowd chasing after your blood, with everyone clamoring that they have the perfect solution, and what a mess you can get into by accepting lesser offers. So, don’t get into a mess. Don’t select internet marketing tools unless you have tried out one SEO tool after another to learn what really matters to you. Trust yourself to learn what you need, rather than let others predict what you want.

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