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Competitive Analysis

If you know or even suspect that one or more of your competitors is doing much better than you in the search engines or online overall, then you should have AuroIN perform a competitive analysis to gather information about their online marketing strategies. We will then employ our full range of SEO capabilities to apply what we have learned from the analysis to improve the competitiveness of your website.

The following illustrates the type of the information that an AuroIN competitive analysis might reveal:

Superficially similar websites may differ significantly in the level of optimization. AuroIN will carefully examine the structure of the competitors’ websites, and this will reveal strategies that we can apply to improve your website’s performance.

AuroIN will provide you with lists of all the pay per click keywords and organic keywords that the competitors are using. We can identify your competitors’ most recently introduced keywords, which pages are currently driving the bulk of their organic traffic, and which backlinks are proving to be the most valuable. AuroIN will be able to directly apply much of this information to enhancing the performance of your own website.

AuroIN will compare your title and description tags with those of your competitors and this will enable us to assess the placement of keywords and the number of times they appear and also to determine if your tags can be made to look more appealing than those of your competitors.

An AuroIN competitive analysis is thus an integral part of an AuroIN SEO campaign.

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