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If you have a successful business website you probably have a clear picture of the geographical distribution of your customer base. If the language of your website is English, most of your customers will come from the English-speaking world, although searches that will lead a potential client to your website may originate from any country. If you wish to attract more customers from different parts of the world, there are several steps you can take. There are of course, significant differences between the English spoken in different countries, especially between American English and British English. You might try providing US and British flag links to two similar but different language versions of your website, perhaps with different product selections, to see if that resulted in increased sales. You would be demonstrating to the visitors to the two sites that you had an appreciation of their culture. The next step would involve the establishment of different language versions of your website each with maximum visibility on appropriate local search engines. In a way, this would be an extension of local search optimization techniques. For each language version you would appear as a business with a local rapport and this would build confidence and hopefully have a positive impact on sales.


Whether you select one approach or the other, or a combination of the two, it is critical that the text editing and keyword selection be placed in the hands of a native speaker.

AuroIN is experienced in international search optimization and is ready to fully develop the international scope of your internet business. AuroIN is a world-class SEO services company with many years of business experience and a solid record of innovative research. AuroIN’s dominant leadership position is sustained by the continued development of novel techniques and our resource base. We have been in business since 2000 and currently have over 700 employees. We have worked for over 1000 different clients and our client retention rate is 99%. A particular advantage that AuroIN enjoys is that it is able to maintain a very competitive pricing structure.

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