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SEO mistakes you should stay away from

If you want to create an online presence for your business, you need to attract good quality traffic to your website. It is quite easy to optimize your site by using search engine optimization techniques in order to get visibility and attract people to your site. However, if you try to use unethical tactics to achieve success you stand the chance of top search engines banning your site. Thus, you need to take care to avoid the most common SEO mistakes in order to create a clean image, which will gather the trust of customers and visitors.


Most common SEO mistakes today –

If you have been running a site for a long time but find that it is still not getting top rankings in search engines, you might be making some SEO mistake. You need to avoid most common SEO mistakes in order to make your site a success.

  • Choosing the wrong keyword for your site is one of the most common SEO mistakes made today. You need to be careful about choosing the correct keyword as keywords have the power to make or break your SEO campaign.
  • Another top SEO mistake is not including the keyword in the title tag. Not only does it help in optimizing your site, but also helps the reader relate the content of the page with the title of the page.
  • Using too much of Flash in your website is another common SEO mistake. A search engine spider cannot read a flash file and thus cannot index it.
  • Do not fall prey to the belief that once you have optimized your site, you do not need to do it again. Keep an eye on competition and upgrade your site accordingly.
  • Another SEO mistake is to focus too much on meta tags. While these are important, your site will not get high rankings only because of meta tags.
  • Using images in place of text for titles is another SEO mistake you should avoid. These may make your site look distinctive, but text titles are important SEO items.
  • Do not underestimate the power of a good URL. Including the keyword in your site’s URL gives you an advantage over your competition.
  • Another SEO mistake is if you fall prey to the belief that all backlinks are important to your site. You should take care to have quality backlinks.

Search engine optimization is an individual set of actions performed page by page to suit that particular webpage’s goals. SEO is an important online marketing strategy, which helps you attract visitors to your site and get it high search engine rankings. However, you need to steer clear of some of the most common SEO mistakes that an online businessperson faces while trying to self-optimize his site. Avoiding an SEO mistake will ensure high visibility, brand building, and success in your online venture.

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