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Search Engine Optimization Tips for Your Blog

Any SEO tips for your blog would definitely contain a lot of good advice, but take all advice with caution. When thinking of starting a blog, and in the process of searching for SEO tips for a blog, you would come up with a lot of confusing information, exaggerated claims, software, and plug-ins, all designed to turn you into a millionaire overnight, and each clamoring for your attention and your cash. Don’t get panicked.

There are a lot of good SEO tips for a blog out there. But then, it would take a considerable amount of searching, which you may not be able to afford, since time management is one of the greatest keys to personal success.

These SEO tips for a good blog I will be presenting here, may seem way off track from the world of SEO. But then, I want you to have a good blog, and quite often, SEO techniques serve their purpose and deliver statistics, only by defeating the purpose behind employing SEO – by working against developing a consistent visitor base and following.

SEO Tips for a Good Blog

  • Quality, subject-focused, information-rich content with catchy headlines rules the roost. This is of primary importance, keyword optimization though necessary, is important only to the extent of keyword inclusion and keyword positioning.
  • For Google, if you are referred, then you are preferred, so again, quality content is more important if you want to be mentioned by others in the same subject field. High quality and relevant back-links matter. Poor quality back-links purchased by the ton won’t help you even if you believe that spending money means you get to see results.
  • If you are targeting on back-link generation, avoid automated software and either try to do things manually, or hire a human service provider and give clear instructions on the type of sites you want your stuff to be submitted to. Don’t tolerate spamming or black hat techniques, and don’t trust overnight traffic generation.
  • Go on a high quality, low volume, and consistent content delivery campaign spread over time.
  • Use the correct blogging platform. WordPress is any day better than blogger or the rest CMS out there when you are considering running a real blog.

Optimize Your Site for SEO

  • Check CSS and XHTML validation, and cross-browser compatibility
  • Don’t rule mobile-friendliness out of the equation
  • Create proper sitemaps and submit them to search engines
  • Use caching plug-ins to optimize page load
  • Use graphics intelligently and try to keep images lightweight

Again, before closing this article on SEO tips for a blog, let me emphasize that you would be wrong if you think that SEO techniques can make up for the lack of quality content or automated software can substitute the quality of human services. That can occur on commercial websites selling services or products, but then you are searching for SEO tips for a blog, and for a blog, nothing matters more than quality content.

Hey, search engines would lose their purpose if they failed to search out and present the most relevant results to their users. The last thing search-engines can afford to neglect is high quality content. And the first things they would look for are keywords and back-links. That’s all the SEO tips for a blog you require.

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