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Marketing and SEO Implications with Google Instant Previews

When conducting a Google search, Google Instant Previews provides each listing on the search engine results pages with a magnifying glass icon. When the user clicks or hovers over the icon, a screenshot of the webpage in question appears, thus presenting a view of the page content without an actual visit to the website being made. An important feature of Instant Previews is that the section of the page where the search term occurs is highlighted. This means that if you were trying to find information on one person on a page that lists a large number, Instant Previews would show you the exact location of the entry for that specific person on the page.

Instant Previews has not met with universal approval. There are those who regard the screenshot webpage views as undesired pop-ups, and would like to be able to turn it off. This can be done, but apparently not permanently. An obvious solution would be to use a different search engine. There has also been some concern expressed that the screen views are too small for the content to be read. With paid searches, the Instant Preview of the webpage does not count as a paid click, but predictably, traffic to the target websites would be reduced somewhat.


There is no question that Instant Previews will have a significant positive impact. The search process will be facilitated and results assessed more quickly. Clearly, those responsible for webpage design must give consideration to the views of the webpages that Instant Previews presents.

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