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Are you aware that if you add video to your website it could result in a significant improvement to your search engine rankings? We’re all aware of the significant impact that video has had on web-based advertising for travel, hotels, resorts, and restaurants. The enticing videos of beautiful facilities and views have proved to be very effective. However, it should not be overlooked that like well written content, videos can be very appealing to search engines as well as to the human visitors to the websites. It’s clear that as a result of recent changes to its search algorithm, Google does favor web pages with video content over pure text content.

There is a wide range of websites that have successfully adopted video as a major feature of their websites. These include sites selling real estate, automobiles, limo rental, boats, furniture, and appliances. The list continues to grow. Many websites use videos of a spokesperson providing a message rather than simply displaying text.


AuroIN is experienced in the successful integration of video content into websites and we can arrange for your videos to be produced by a team of experienced professionals.

AuroIN is a world-class SEO services company with many years of business experience and a solid record of innovative research. AuroIN’s dominant leadership position is sustained by the continued development of novel techniques and our resource base. We have been in business since 2000 and currently have over 700 employees. We have worked for over 1000 different clients and our client retention rate is 99%. A particular advantage that AuroIN enjoys is that it is able to maintain a very competitive pricing structure.

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