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Some Things to Keep in Mind about Online Reputation

Your online reputation can be severely damaged if search engine results pages contain negative postings about your products or services, and this could have a significant negative impact on the success of your business. Even if the postings are totally fictitious, perhaps originating from a disgruntled former employee or from an unscrupulous competitor, they still have to be dealt with. If they are genuine, possibly because of an unfortunate error on your website or from an innocent mistake made by an employee, they certainly need to be addressed. AuroIN has accumulated a significant body of experience protecting and then managing clients’ online reputations. We realize that it will be challenging to remove these postings. Even if the postings are due to errors for which the company is responsible, and corrections are made, the postings may linger. Long-term protection of online reputation will come from the application of SEO techniques which will move these postings down in the search rankings to the second page or lower, which will render them essentially invisible. The approach we take will start with a review of both the keywords you are using as well as your backlinks. Changes will be made which will bring positive hits from your website to dominant positions on the search results pages. Additional benefits can also obtained from setting up blogs and embarking on a social media campaign which will bring additional positive traffic to your website. Finally, we will establish a comprehensive monitoring program to ensure that the changes that we make to your website are fully effective.

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