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Top SEO Tools for Keyword Research

Which is the Best Keyword Research Tool?

Keyword research is the first concern of SEO experts and web content developers. It helps to determine which keywords to optimize in the content of a website or web page, as also which keywords to select for online advertising campaigns like pay-per-click, or pay-per-impression. Consequently, selecting the right SEO Tool for keyword research becomes important for allocation of resources and budget. However, if used with care, the Google Adwords Keyword Tool provides a good beginning for keyword research.

Common SEO Tools for Keyword Research

Keyword research is rarely done with a single tool. Many SEO professionals begin with analyzing the site of an established competitor with a SEO tool like Google keyword tool to arrive at focused results. Most experts use a combination of computer based and web based keyword research tools to do their job. Common keyword research tools can be divided into two categories: computer-based and web-based.

Computer –based SEO Tools for Keyword Research:

Some of the most popular SEO tools in this category include Keyword Elite, Keyword Magic, Click Ad, Web CEO, Keywords Analyzer, and Keyword Excavator.


Web-based SEO Tools for Keyword Research:

Most popular keyword research tools in this category include Google Adwords (Sandbox), Keyword Spider, Yahoo Keyword Suggestion (Overture), Digital Point, WordTracker, Googspy, Niche Watch, Nichebot, AdCenter, Wordze, 7Search, and Miva.

Keyword Research Requires Common Sense on Top of SEO Tools

Keyword research is done in radically different manners by different SEO tools, and the metrics and results are often confusing to beginners. First of all, you should take into account your target vertical and project objectives before selecting a SEO tool for keyword research.

However, the best results are derived by using a mix of keyword research tools and analyzing the results according to project objectives and common sense. The necessity to use a human mind and common sense in keyword research is due to the fact that data available to most SEO tools are distorted by inability to differentiate between human searches and those done by automated rank checking tools.

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