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About Content Marketing Services:

Creating effective SEO copy requires the use of a precise technique which grants the resulting content a dual ability to keep readers hooked while simultaneously maintaining high rankings on various search engines. The achievement of these goals is a task we are adept at and the reason why you can rely on our services.

Our team of writers has the ability to pen quality SEO copy according to your requirements in terms of website content, articles, blogs, and/or press releases. For all these categories of writing you can be assured of functional and relevant copy that will match your website’s purpose and ideals with respect to the targeted audience.

At AuroIN we are especially determined to make your client experience worthwhile in terms of turnaround time and ensuring that the content you receive will be to your expectations. To optimally achieve these core ideals we make a point of involving you in the process so as to fully factor in your understanding of your target audience. With these insights we are then able to proceed into information research and content creation. Completed contents can then be promptly submitted thus giving you adequate time to give feedback and revision pointers if necessary.

The following are the three categories of Content Marketing that we offer:

Content Marketing Services

Website Content Marketing Services:Website copy creation is without doubt the most integral aspect of our Content Marketing business, and for good reason. This copy primarily needs to be relevant in terms of providing your website’s visitors with the exact information you want to pass on. It also has to guarantee your website of superior top rankings in the search engines. Your involvement is therefore of the essence if these twin requirements are to be satisfied.

Our web content creation rates stand at $200/month for a minimum of 3000 words. Under this writing category are Home pages, About Us pages, Landing pages and other aspects of website content.

Article, Blog and Press Release Writing Services:

Articles are effective link building tools once they are published on the multiple web platforms available. Blogs and Press Releases also help in link building, in addition to being effective website promotional tools. Client involvement in the creation of these isn’t as intensive as it is for website copy – what we research and create will in most cases be ready for your proofing and submission.

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