Frequently Asked Questions

 What is SEO?
 Why do you need SEO?
 What is organic listing or natural listing?
 For which keywords could you help me improve my organic Google positions?
 My Website is already at position 1. What else you can do for me?
 What is PageRank?
 What is Backlink?
 How can backlinks be improved?
 How do you guarantee that the backlinks will not be removed after few months?
 Do you do link exchange with industry specific websites?
 What is White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?
 What's the guarantee that your SEO team will not use black hat measures to get first page ranking?
 How to promote the websites competitive power?
 What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?
 Can we work on the pay-per-result basis?
 Where do you market your clients?
 We want to know how to work with you?
 Who Will I claim to when something wrong from your side?
 How do you set up proper tracking on each keyword?
 Do you outsource your SEO work?
 How to contact AuroIN?
 How to ask for Money Back?
 If we decide to terminate the service does this mean that all the work done till date will be deleted, thus putting us in the SAME situation prior to our availing of your services?