Add Link SEO Service: Second E-mail request for two-way Linking

Second email request for two way linking


Hi <<recipient-domain>>,

I sent you a link request for <<senders-domain>> on <<date-of-first-email-to-recipient-short>> to see if you would be interested in exchanging links.

I realize that you are probably not interested. I wanted to let you know that your link will be removed within next few days, if I don't hear back from you.

You can verify your link by going to:

<<link page url>>

with the following details:




Please suggest, if you want some different Title, URL and Description.

If you will add my site then use the information below and let me know the location where you have added my link so I will not remove the link to yours unknowingly.

    Title: <<senders-link-text>>

    Url: <<senders-webpage-url>>

    Description: <<description of the link>>.

I hope that I will hear from you before <<Date>> but if not then I'm bound to remove the link from my site.

Best regards,
<<sender's name >>
<<sender's email address>>
<<sender,s domain>>

P.S.: Please let us know the link back/reciprocal URL. You may also forward this email to the concern person to build reciprocal links. If you are not interested, please, send us a reply with subject "REMOVE" if you wish to be removed from our list in compliance to the spam.

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