Development of Link & Site Suggest On Web-Use first email request

Development of link and site suggest play an important role in the two-way or reciprocal linking process. Following is an example on how to send the first email request for two way linking.

Subject : Lets be link partners.


The owner of <<recipient-domain>>,

I'm mailing you to request a link exchange between our website and yours.

I found your website http://www.<<recipient-domain>> by searching Google for <<category>> and that both of our website have a similar theme, so I am interested in exchanging links with you. I placed your site at <<sender's link page url>> with the following information:


My site link information is given below for your reference.

Site Title: <<sender website link title>>
URL: http://www.<<sender-domain>>
Description: <<sender-link-description>>

You may also use the following HTML code:

<<HTML code with sender-site- information>>

If you agree to exchange links (please read below), I would like you to send me the exact URL where my link can be found.

I wish you the best with your site and believe this link exchange will be useful for both of our websites by getting more visitors and securing better search engine ranking. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

<<sender's-domain>> Team

Reminder for link exchange request
Final approach for link exchange request