For the period of [6/18-6/24] here is what we accomplished for
Here are the terms that we are focusing our link building efforts on and their current rank in Google:
  Keyword Phrase 1 ()
  Keyword Phrase 2 ()
  Keyword Phrase 3 ()
  Keyword Phrase 4 ()
  Keyword Phrase 5 ()
  Keyword Phrase 6 ()
Results (Google, Yahoo, and Bing):
  As of our last report your keywords gained [68] total positions.
  You have [4] keywords in the 1st position
  [8] in top 10,
  [12] in top 20 and
  [16] in top 30.
  Your Home PageRank is [5]
  Your link popularity jumped from 7,858 to 8,259.
  Your site was submitted to 178 directories and 17 added your listing. (We'll follow up with the others next week.)
  Your articles were submitted to 12 websites and successfully published on 4. 
  Your site was submitted and successfully published on 5 social bookmarking websites.
  Your blog was submitted to 2 websites and published on 2.