There used to be a time when people would need to travel to far away places just to visit stores where they could find what they needed or wanted to purchase. This used to facilitate massive trip plans. Large amounts of money were spent. Great effort was expended. Long periods of time were spent and never recovered. All this just to procure goods.

There is no longer a need for such time, effort, and money to be spent on finding things to buy. The reason that this need no longer exists can be tracked back to the prominence of the Internet, specifically Amazon. This is a massively popular website that allows users to purchase things from anywhere in the world. Any product that a person could ever want can now be found on this service.

One of the greatest benefits of using this website to order products, besides the fact that it saves an inordinate amount of hassle, is that it offers great deals. Many of the products that are over a certain amount of money are sent directly to the user's mailbox with free shipping charges. Also, many products, especially books and movies, are offered for discounted prices, usually twenty or thirty percent off of the retail price for the given item. However, these benefits do not come without disadvantages.

The biggest disadvantage of this website gaining popularity is that it is almost giving them a monopoly. One wonders if the site might be the only game in town at some point in the future. They could charge whatever they like and get away with it. The effect of their discounting has already been felt across the world. Local stores are going out of business faster and faster. People still like to be able to go out and buy a product without having to wait for the postal carrier to bring it, but it is hard to compete with such insane prices.

Whatever one thinks about Amazon, it is hard to deny the success it has experienced. It has become the website of choice for anyone who likes to purchase movies or books.

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