The Important Use of Facebook Banners for Businesses

If you have a brand or a business you are attempting to grow and you are trying to do so with the use of social media, it is important to consider the use of Facebook banners and how they can help you to expand and take your company to the next level.

What are Facebook Banners?

With the expansion of Facebook into using "Facebook Timeline", all user profile pages and "fan pages" now include banners which are large horizontal banners that complete the top of any page you currently have on the network. You can upload banners on Facebook directly on your profile page or virtual "fan page" in the traditional JPG, GIF, and PNG image formats currently accepted on the network.

Why Facebook Banners are Useful for Businesses

When users visit your Facebook fan page for your business or brand, they will first view the banner you have set. This is vital for the first impression you give and how you want to convey you brand message and the overall look and theme of your business as well. It is important to determine whether you have a solid look and design you are using in your banner, or if you are seeking a way to make a professional banner if you are planning to sell services. Ensuring your brand's banner on Facebook is relevant to your business and logo is also essential to establish credibility on Facebook and also brand recognition over time.

Why Banners on Facebook Help With Marketing

Using banners on Facebook help to market your brand without expenses and investing in the help of a professional marketing group and team. When you add a banner to a Facebook fan page, you are also helping to share that uploaded banner and cover image with all of your virtual "fans", increasing brand recognition all while allowing you to consistently update and continuously communicate with those who avidly follow your brand's updates. Updating frequently and sharing new banners on Facebook also gives you the potential to gain new fans from those who "share", "like", or even comment on your posts and uploaded banners.

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