Using WPAds to Monetize Your WordPress Site

When you are using WordPress to operate your website or blog, you can add plugins to add even more features including widgets and plugins that can help to boost your site's traffic or even increase the revenue your website makes regularly. If you are interested in earning an income from those who visit your website, you can consider WPAds, a plugin available for both individuals and businesses who are using WordPress as the main site platform.

What is WPAds?

WPAds is a free plugin that can be installed into any existing WordPress website to help with ad management throughout your entire website. With the plugin, you are able to add multiple advertisements using virtual "zones". Zones are areas around your website where you can place vertical, horizontal, or even square and rectangle-shaped banners in addition to text links or even rich media banners, depending on who you have advertising on your website. You can also use third-party automated advertising services with the plugin, where you can easily copy and paste an advertising code into the zone you want the ad to appear once it is live on your site. You can also set specific times and dates for various ads to further customize how you want the advertisements you are hosting to appear on your website and when they should appear as well.

Additionally, you can also use the plugin to test the looks of various ads you have selected, as there is a "testing mode" with the WP Ads plugin that gives you the ability to review the site and its look even before you publish it to go live.

Who Can Use the Plugin?

Because the WP Ads plugin is free to use, anyone including individuals and businesses have the ability to download and use it. The plugin is ideal if you are looking for a way to better organize advertisements on the site and a way to check stats with virtual tracking as well. When you have an advertisement organizer and plugin, you are able to sell more advertising inventory while you keep track of the most successful placement options you have to offer (giving you the ability to earn more income potentially).

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