Why Page Load Time is Important

When you have a website that you are interested in improving while growing the number of page views and visitors you receive to it each day, you should consider improving your page load time as one of your main priorities.

What is Page Load Time and Why is it Important?

Page load time is the amount of time it takes for your website to "connect" and to virtually begin loading the images, text, and additional content you have produced and published on your site for others to see. When you have a slow-loading website, you run the risk of losing visitors or turning potential customers away, which can result in a loss of income and revenue if you are selling products, or even you have third-party advertisements on your website as well.

Your website's page loading speed and time is often determined by the web hosting services you are using and how much content you have to load on each one of your website's pages. It is important to ensure you have a minimal amount of third-party applications and scripts installed in your website if you want to improve page loading time and you are sure it is not a fault of your own web host. Additionally, remove unnecessary content including images, text, and other media that is not useful for those who are first visiting your website to help increase loading time.

How to Check a Site's Loading Time

If you want to know more about your own website's page loading time, you can use free tools available online to check your website, directly from Google. Google offers a "page speed" tool which is accessible to both individuals and businesses who are interested in checking a website's speed and how to go about improving the overall load time and speed of opening new pages of content and services or products on the site. With Google's Page Speed, you are able to get an assessment of your site's speed directly online within your browser, or you can opt to download and install free tools that are available to install directly into web browsers including Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome itself.

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