Explaining Phone Number Integration

A business that uses an integrated phone system is able to be more efficient and oriented more towards their customers. The use of mobile devices, a traditional phone line, and an internet phone system are a few of the communication options that can be integrated. One feature available with many business phone systems is phone number integration.

A business phone system can use one phone number for customer access. This keeps the process simple for a customer that needs to make contact. When a call comes in to your business it can be picked up by a receptionist or use an automated system. Automated systems will route the customer to a specific area or person that can service the call.

Employees that have mobile phones are able to have their devices integrated into the system. This is the done by assigning a specific extension to the device. Calls that come in to your office can easily be sent or routed to an employee in the field by using the assigned extension. Any phone used by employees in your office can have an assigned extension.

Phone number integration is also a feature that can allow the connection of a PC or fax machine. If you have an IP telephone system installed on a computer, then it can be integrated with your business phone system. This can be done using an assigned phone number or an IP address. A fax machine may also be connected and assigned a dedicated phone number.

One benefit of integrating devices and phone numbers into one system is that only one bill is needed. A business telephone system only needs one telephone line. This means that additional lines are no longer needed. This will save you money because you only need to pay for a single phone line.

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