IP Validation

Every computing system, server or website that is linked to the web is designated with a specific address known as Internet Protocol, or better known as IP. An IP address is commonly formatted in dot-decimal. Below, we will be discussing how to validate IP and how to block IP. Many websites, particularly business owners, prefer to block unwanted IP addresses to be able to monitor their website traffic more precisely. Here is a step-by-step guideline to validating and blocking Internet Protocol addresses.

Validating an IP address through Java is fairly easy and simple. In general, an IP address is in the format of [0-255].[0-255].[0-255].[0-255]. Thus, a regular expression viewed in this form should be adequate. It is also possible for the IP address code to be divided using the String split(...) and a check can be included.

IP validation may vary in terms of the class of Internet Protocol used by a computer. There are three different IP classes, including A, B and C. Meanwhile, there are network classes D, E and F, yet IP validation of these classes are for unique, experimental application rather than public use.

Now, after you've accomplished IP validation, it's time to learn how to block undesired IP addresses. As mentioned above, a prime reason why most webmasters and blog owners block some IP addresses is to purify their website traffic and leave only those that are profitable and valid.

Creating a blacklist for IP addresses is now becoming simpler and easier due to the presence of blacklisting tools. Through the use of blacklisting tools, your networks can be safeguarded from unauthorized access and intrusion that is coming from the outside. The tool is very simple to use. You simply have to type a specific IP address that has been detected by your computer as an intruder. Thereafter, the blacklisting tool will block the IP address, deterring access of any type of source you have. The primary benefit of the blacklisting tool is that you can access it via the Internet, so there isn't really any problems when you want to use the tool.

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