ROI Calculation

AuroIN guides you towards a calculated PPC Ad Spend to obtain the Best Returns on Investment (ROI)

ROI calculation is essential as it tells you whether you will be getting enough return in comparison to the investment that you had put into sponsored link services such as PPC and CPC. Our SEM team at AuroIN will help you achieve the best ROI (return on investment) on the revenue you want to spend on your PPC campaign.

Paid search marketing can help increase your visibility online, but it’s important that you make sure your investment, both money and time, is paying off. Therefore, ROI is the profit made from the money spent - whether it’s new technology, new equipment or a marketing campaign.

While calculating ROI, we take various key factors into consideration.

  • Your total budget on PPC and other paid search campaign
  • Amount you spend on keyword bidding
  • Number of sales from paid listing
  • Revenue generated from paid listing for the product

In order to calculate your ROI on paid search investment we will keep track of the following information about your PPC campaigns.

  • Ad cost: The amount you spend on paid search campaigns, such as your spend on keyword bidding.
  • Clicks: This refers to the number of visits to your site from paid listings.
  • Number of Sales: The number of complete orders from paid listings.
  • Revenue: The dollar amount generated from paid listings for that pro
  • .

At AuroIN we provide specially designed sponsored link campaign services that offer the lowest cost-per-click and help you save a lot of money. Our ROI calculation will help you determine which ad and keywords you should continue to use and which you want to scrap and this would guide you to develop future marketing campaigns.