SEO Testimonials

We are enlightened to present before you the testimonials/acknowledgements from some of our esteemed and satisfied clients. We are not authorized to publish our clients' website details due to our strict privacy policy. Though, it is possible to provide the details of the client after prior consultations with the same once our terms and conditions are decided upon.


Robert Byrne

"I am an independent businessman in California. I needed to boost my organic rankings on the various search engines. I took a chance with AuroIN. I can tell you, this a great company. They work with you very personally, over the internet and on the phone, when necessary. Their knowledge base is very comprehensive. I was assigned one very skilled technician, who I continue to work with. His name is Jay. I have worked with him for a few months now. In order to get higher rankings, it is a process. It does not happen in a day, but rather over a few months. It does take some attention and actions on the part of the consumer (me). But, fortunately, Jay is always very patient and helpful to explain all the details on what I need to do.

I am very grateful to this company. They are very knowledgable, very patient, and they really go beyond the expected, in order to get the job done correctly, in order to get you the best results.

I highly recommend auroIN to all business people looking for help with their marketing. These guys are absolutely GREAT! Thank you so much for all your detailed help. You guys are the BEST!"

Tim Quinn

"We've collaborated for 6 months and the result was more than expected! My first impression was when the project took-off right away! With all the aspects being taken care off pro-actively. I like the way you constantly kept in touch with me and my website requirements. Moreover, I thank the team for making those last minute changes possible on such short notice; which I know, was a bit of inconvenience; but you guys did it! I appreciate Berry's diligence on his work, which eventually got my website up and running within the scheduled time. I definitely recommend businesses to get AuroIN's help. If you want to get the job done in time, this is the team you need!"


"I have worked with AuroIN for several months now. Although our original arrangement was for SEO, we now have projects going in design, image enhancement, and SMO as well. I appreciate their responsiveness and consistent follow up.

So far, AuroIN’s abilitity to complete tasks has allowed me to increase my productivity and we are now working on projects we have had stuck on the shelf. At this point, I would certainly recommend their services."

Nick Semon
The Semon Group, Inc.

"Great support and my sales are increasing.

Thanks auroin for maintain high level of services and help me to achieve my sales target. "

Allan Leong

"Almost 12 months ago I had some correspondence with Ashima to introduce your web service to which I replied for a web test special. I had total misconception of dealing with people over internet not to mention passing on money to people you could never be in personal contact with.

Due to the fact my web site is for self interest only and having no financial gain or business interest, I could not justify the initial expense of your service. Having further correspondence with Ashima an agreed plan was formatted The setting up of the requirements of your service was away head of my technical experience with such a service, for this reason the setup period appeared to be a long wasted period of time.

The following period and service from the web maintenance staff soon caught up this time up that gave me the confidence that all my requirements would be attended to.

The last few weeks has shown me that the staff have taken a keen interest in my web site to ensure all the loose ends has been attended to."
Tony Roberts

"I recently had very real problem on my hands. A local programmer designed a program to my specs to showcase my performance as a jazz guitarist ( I was happy with the program but was dismayed to learn that because he had written the program using i-mac it took up to 80 secs to load on a windows platform even with ‘quick time’ installed . People I knew were trying to view it but giving up - believing that it was not running. It had to be, quite literally, brought up to speed.

The programmer did a disappearing act after several attempts to resolve the situation. The sites hosting company were unable to offer any solution other than to rewrite a program using their web site building package which lacked both audio an video capability. I didn’t really want another program just the one that I had putting right. I didn’t know what to do.

The solution came in the form of Auroin when sales manager Susie Davis offered to take on my problem . At first I took a little convincing that this was the right approach but Susie, always helpful and reassuring, convinced me that this was the right way to proceed. The project manager for the task was Swagat Mishra of ArcWeb Designing who assured me from the outset that the problem was not as insurmountable as I had been led to believe. He very quickly outlined the way he intended to complete the task answered all the questions I put to him and completed the task in a punctual and professional manner which included instruction for me to update the sites content as and when necessary.

A highly satisfactory performance all round. I cannot praise the team enough and I would strongly recommend Auroin to anyone who needs help with their website."
Phil Jones

"We are beyond impressed with the customer service, professionalism, extensive research, innovative marketing recommendations and quality of work we received from AuroIN. There's no doubt that your services have helped make our site more authoritative and we have achieved much higher ranking in Google searches under our competitive keywords."
Stephen Shelton

"I’m Greg Bumb, director of sales, marketing and advertising at GF Puhl. Our experience with AuroIn SEO has been great. They delivered exactly what they said they would on time and on budget.We are very pleased with the search engine results and I would recommend AuroIn to other clients."
Greg Bumb

"During this time I have found them to be professional and responsive to my needs and suggestions. AuroIN understands the customer service-client connection and I would not hesitate to use them in the future."

"We are a small flower delivery company based in Venezuela. Last few months we have begun working with the positioning of SEO service in AuroIN. The results have been successful and this has benefited our business, apart from this the customer service and dedication of Mr. Ram is unmatched. AuroIN definitely guaranteed top rankings of search, look forward to continuing the excellent work of AuroIN for years to come and continue to give tools to our company growth.."
Christian Angilechi


"One day I received an email from AuroIN regarding their SEO services and they listed all point of possible improvement for our website and how they could handle this for us in a professional way. Normally I am never so happy with emails I did not ask for, but this felt very professional and they offered me a free website audit. I decided to ask for some more information and pricing after I had seen their recommendations of the free audit. With their capable account managers we discussed the key words we wanted to be found on and what type of quality back links we would be needing which are relevant and contextual both AND in only the B2B market in OUR range of specific business of licensing intellectual property rights to businesses active in the web, mobile and ITPV market that need a license for content we offer.

After they did the intake and assessed our specific needs, we tried the AuroIN service for 3 months to see how it would influence our SEO results. Each month we received a very detailed report with the work they did, the hours they spent, our page rank, our targeted key words results in the top organic results per search engine and how they evolved in time, websites AuroIN submitted back links to for us, which of these sites actually approved our links (together with the text), bookmarking websites, etc.

In about 3 months we were beginning to see the positive results of their work and after 9 months our page rank had increased due to all the targeted back-links and bookmark sites. AuroIN also advised us how to improve our website itself to make it even better for the search engines spiders and created a list for us to do (and the dont's) which we send to our developers to be implemented. AuroIN also created a special Google Analytics page for us that is send to us each month together with the SEO reports and it's overall progress.

I must say I am very happy, I chose to work with AuroIN on outsourcing our SEO, they have much more SEO knowledge, experience and expertise then we have in-house. Now we have more time to focus on our sales and support, instead of studying SEO and spending much time on this ourselves, which is not our business.

Thumbs up for AuroIN!"

Jaques Pijman

Note: Please contact us to contact Jaques Pijman.


"We have utilized the SEO resources from AuroIN for numerous projects over the last several years and have always been very pleased with our results. AuroIN is very professional and they have great processes in place to ensure your get reports, responses, and updates in a very timely manner. We highly recommend AuroIN for your SEO needs."


"Hey, this is Blake, I have a community-based Australian soccer organisation where we initiate to train kids and toddlers age bar being 2-12, the basics of the game soccer in an interesting, social and non-competitive environment. My erratic work schedules rarely allow me to publicly promote our organisation hence relying on the internet was the only way for our customers to reach out to us and find out about our services. Worried about the high expenses that are incurred on hiring an SEO company besides being completely unaware of the amount of work being done and its end results I often steeped a foot back whenever we thought of giving our web a boost forward.

On receiving an e-mail from AuroIN and post going through their website and offers, I pushed my instincts to give it a try and honestly I am completely satisfied with them. A bit paranoid in the initial stages AuroIN has most convincingly changed my views and impressed with there honesty, frankness and professionalism. In addition to their reports reflecting the current rank of your valued keywords AuroIN has actually helped us to achieve amazing customer response. Showcasing 100% professional assistance they always get back to you with the current updates on your website without you pondering over them.

A highly recommended SEO firm I can vouch for." Blake


"While we have been working together for only 3 weeks, we are already impressed with AuroIN's diligent process, team responsiveness, task orientation and the overall focus on results. The weekly reports that captures and summarizes all the activities conducted and the tracking of progress to the initial baseline has been excellent." Satish Menon


"Hello my name is Paul H Good, I have a storage shed business, and rely significantly on the Internet, as a way for my customers to find out about the services that our business provides. As you may be aware, when you hire a company to do an SEO campaign, it can be very expensive and is very hard to tell just how much work is actually being done for you. It is hard to tell if the people providing the SEO service are being honest or just taking your money.

It can be very frustrating. I was emailed by AuroIN a few months back, after reading their email, I thought this Email unlike others, seemed like they knew what they were talking about. So I decided to give them a try. At first I was nervous as I didn't feel like I knew much about the company, but was impressed with there honesty, frankness, politeness and helpfulness. Even more important than that, AuroIN has actually gotten big results for us.

Also I like the reports they give, they are easy to understand and show you where your valued keywords are currently ranked. Thank you AuroIN for your service." Paul H Good


"I was very worried at first in hiring an SEO company without knowing anything about them. I must say that I am completely satisfied with them. Everything about them is 100% professional. You never have to wonder when or if they will get back to you. I HIGHLY recommend AuroIN, they are great!" Jeffrey Jones


"We have been using AuroIN for 8 months now for SEO and Adwords campaign management. The results were almost immediate with nearly a 46% increase in traffic after the first month and a total increase of nearly 84% over the 8 months using the SEO/Adwords services. Our keywords are ranking nicely and AuroIN continues to offer improvement possibilities. AuroIN is a professional company with fast, friendly and professional customer service." Jeremy Stacy


"The team at AuroIN is very professional and worked with me on our first outsourced back link project. I'm happy with their work and will be using them again. I would recommend them to anyone looking for SEO help." Tom Nyiri
Insulite Laboratories, Inc. & Associates


"I have used AuroIN for only a few months, and I have already experienced increased sales. They have been extremely professional and courteous in all our dealings. They have vast experience in SEO and I am very pleased with them and the results they deliver." Roger Scheuer

"AuroIN reps provide the highest level of service and support we have experienced from a marketing company. Exceedingly professional, they understand the value in forming collaborative relationships with their clients through consistent sustained communications. Their organic approach has improved our web presence in a very short amount of time and we are noticing increased interest and sales thanks to their efforts. We have done business with several marketing companies that are happy to accept our business but fall short of expectations when asked for support. Since AuroIN puts support first, we feel like we have a partner in business and not just a vendor. Again and again we will continue to recommend their services to other businesses interested in increasing their presence on the web." Paul Lebus

"We are very pleased with AuroIN's competence and professionalism and the results they have already delivered in a short period of time. They are a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend them." Dr. Steven M. Beresford
President & CEO


"AuroIN LLC approached me with a free 7 day trial in order to boost the visitors to my website. At first I was a little reluctant, as I certainly did not have sufficient fund to pay for SEO, and knew how costly it can be. However, I went ahead with it as it was a trial offer. AuroIN team began working on my website. And the first thing they stressed were the keywords. They first identified an expert and finalized targeted keywords, that the expert uses to drive traffic to my site. And this was something that I had not even thought to do. The team also enrolled me for the Semalt reporting on a 7 day free basis. This gave me insights into my Google rankings and keywords. This helped me rectify all errors on my site. The service was quite impressive. So, I opted to sign up for this reporting as I found it very valuable. I am quite satisfied with the work AuroIN has done and would recommend Webmaster to avail the offer. My site is now a lot more cleaner, search-emgine friendly, my posts are now keyword rich. Over the time I also feel confident that my site's traffic will grow organically. AuroIN team, thank you for seamless efforts."
Rhonda Muller
Neatly Organised


"This is to thank you for your professionalism and good customer service, regarding the redesigning of my website. I thank you for your valuable cooperation with me, as I know I am a bit fussy and difficult customer. However, dealing with you was a real pleasure. I wish other companies must be as much friendly as yours and quick to respond any query from a prospective customer. You are much appreciated. Thank you very much."
Jacky Delarue

"I am Frank from China. I came across Miss Ashima (AuroIN India Pvt. Ltd) 3 years ago through email contact. Our company was aware that she works in the SEO industry for a long time with irrefutable repute. So, this year we went for a website update with AuroIN SEO services. We wanted to redesign our website as per our requirement. She assured us that it will be made as per specifications. The site is LIVE and we are pretty happy with the service. We are now investing in SEO and we have chosen Miss Ashima for this. Today we have transferred the advance payments and concluded all formalities, hoping for the best."

"I enjoyed working with AuroIN, the team is very efficient and serious."
Angelo Piattelli


"As a buyer of seo/internet marketing services you want 3 things:

On-time results you can count on, good prices, and a knowledgeable, courteous and responsive team. Finding such a company is like searching for a needle in a haystack…it can take a long time.

Luckily, we found AuroIN! They meet all our three criteria.

Our to-go-to-person, Vamshi, Senior Manager Digital Marketing, is very knowledgeable and experienced. His team has proven over and over again that they can deliver results, find the answer, and do so in a timely fashion. Very nice people to work with!"

Sue Smith
Washington, DC