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"AuroIN is doing a good job. For a non consumer product such as the "Merus Ring" and a very competitive advertising environment, AuroIN has improved our keywords a lot. This worth spending the money and we will continue doing so." Roland Dworschak

"AuroIN has delivered top quality work without any complaints at all. 24x7 chat support with less than 30 minutes responses to queries and the use of white hat methods for SEO are the features that compel us to recommend AuroIN to anybody who wants top rankings for Google and other search engines." Israr ul Haq

"Our company had worked with many IT service companies before. But no one can offer us the effective, quick and perfect service AuroIN supplied to us. AuroIN understand our request and do the right work for us at one time. The communication with AuroIN is very wonderful. And the result is so good and out of our expectation . Our website is improved greatly even only a few months work by AuroIn.

Selecting AuroIN you will get much more than you paid." Director, China Composite

"First of all, many thanks to your 3 months hard work with my company's SEO job. Certainly there is obvious achievements on the one hand, more importantly on the other hand is that your whole team is working very efficiently, quick response to all our questions, patient to explain things to us. And the communications are faster, easier and friendlier between us.

Finally we decide to use your company for a long term." style= Richard

"AuroIN has done a great deal for my business and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with SEO for their site. They are pleasant and easy to work with and in constant communication to make sure that the campaign they run is as effective as possible." Maggie Reniers

"I was surprised with how quickly my site began climbing in the search engine ranking for my chosen key words. Even though my website was brand new it seemed to immediately start competing in rank with more established sites. In addition to the fast results, they are extremely good at communicating with me regarding my campaign status and getting back to me with answers to my questions and concerns. They are very serious about the work they do and I am pleased with the results I have seen so far." Kyle Vannoy

"Choosing an SEO company can be challenging but AuroIN was a great choice for me as in just 4 months they have helped to quadruple my search engine traffic. They are extremely knowledgeable concerning SEO and make the whole process easy. Also, they are always standing by to answer any questions I may have." Ted Kallmyer

" I’m Henrik, running an ecommerce store “”. I’m really not into pep talks / hyper-prizing and such; in fact I’m allergic to that. So, let me give you some info about our cooperation with AuroIN."


  • Start of SEO: 4 ½ mnoths ago
  • Situation today: 13 key words (the highest in traffic re our business); ranked on Google’s first page (top 10).
  • Ranking progressed from week to another, 90% of the time.


  • New orders up 60%
  • New customers registration up 45%
  • Web traffic (hits) up 300% (right, 3 times).
  • We make money.

Our prior SEO history

  • Worked with several SEO companies for 3 years; none of them fulfilled reasonably anything that they promised.
  • One going by the name of “Internet Advancement” took our money and disappeared.
  • Two other companies promised things, achieved around 20% of their promises and then fell asleep or something, things got really sluggish.


We began using AuroIN services 4 and half months ago.
  • Communications were answered promptly.
  • Problems arising from differences in backgrounds, interest, mentality, PMS, and point of view were handled.
  • They are there whenever you need them.
  • The progress is constant, no real sluggishness.

Conclusions: The facts and results (see above) speak for themselves.

Personal note: you can work with them or you can eat all the crap that we ate from other outfits (see ‘Our SEO history)." Henrik

"As a business owner, one of my top priorities is to surround myself with suppliers who perform well. AuroIN is one of those suppliers. We have seen dramatic improvement in our site rankings and now hold the #1 position for several of our key words. All of this took place in less than 6 months! If you are looking for both results and affordability, AuroIN is the right SEO company for you." Matt Morris

"We have enjoyed working with AuroIN. They are ready to please and have proved to be highly flexible. We would not hesitate in recommending them to other companies." Alice Pierce

"We started our SEO compain from the starter plan, the whole process is easy, smooth and pleasure, we can always get help if any question or touble, hope Aurion can keep the high standard service, thanks!" Framing

"The reason we chose AuroIN for our business solutions is simple, it's all about service. You ask for something and it gets done. AuroIN Staff is as proactive as they are enthusiastic. They do there homework to ensure solutions are structured to our individual needs. That's why I have the confidence to send my own clients to them, knowing they will get everything they need and be treated with the respect they deserve. AuroIN Staff takes an active interest in everything they do, and are always contactable. I am very pleased with their professional and prompt service. I will not hesitate to recommend AuroIN to my business associates and friends in future." Kaleem Qaiser

"I wanted to offer my thanks for continuing to do a great job with my SEO project. AuroIN site optimization has increased's presence on the internet resulting in several calls and subsequent sales. I highly recommend their services. Your site optimization has proven to be a valuable investment that has paid off with handsome dividends. I look forward to taking the next step and further increasing sales with your assistance."

Xpanda-usa Ron Archibald

"I am very happy with the service and work ethic of AuroIN for my search engine optimization needs. They were very specific of the methods they would use and gave very clear and detailed reports showing that those techniques were working week by week just as predicted. They were very accommodating to target the areas that I felt would have the highest payout and I have indeed seen much better web traffic to my site as a result. I would be happy to recommend AuroIN to anyone looking to improve their site's potential."

Boone Titanium Rings Bruce Boone

"Initially we were favorably impressed by the AuroIN team. We were not looking for an USA- based SEO company but their dedicated approach and comprehensive analysis of our client's website had us intrigued. They offered us a monthly package that fit within our client's modest marketing budget. Although we thought we had crafted a well-optimized website for the client we found through AuroIN we had much to learn. Their reporting is thorough and they courteously respond to our frequent inquires. Rest assured; long-term high ranking in major search engines requires commitment on the part of us, the customer, but once we got in a groove, we viewed it as a long-term approach to meeting our goals At the six month mark, we have seen great improvement in our rankings." Jennifer Marble
Jennifer Marble Consulting

"We have been using AuroIN for our SEO services for over a year and they have been a great company to work with for SEO. I have a background in Internet Marketing and they do everything professionally and most important get results. They have got us #1 for 2 of our 5 key terms with them and we are rising fast on the other 3. It is hard to find a company that is cost effective, profession and delivers in this world and AuroIN does all three. They even have top notch customer service. We highly recommend them for your SEO needs."

BeerTubes David J. Stein President

"I was contacted by about six months ago with an offer to provide SEO services. We receive may such contacts and but their proposal was simple and made sense to me. A lot of SEO company's send messages that try to sell you but really end up scaring you away from them because they attack other companies methods. AuroIN's communications clearly explained the positive benefits of their approach and quickly convinced me that their system would cover the core SEO areas needed to improve our web rankings, and do so at a fair price.

Since we began to work with AuroIN they have work tirelessly to move our SEO campaign forward. If you choose to hire AuroIN then you will quickly realize that they take an analytical and diligent approach to your SEO campaign, and they have a lot of energy to make sure that your campaign is successful. They don't let you sit on your laurels either. SEO does not work simply by hiring a company to do everything. SEO is not just a magical numbers game that can be done without intimate knowledge of your business, although most of the technical work can be done by the AuroIN team without using much of your time. The site owner must help develop content that AuroIN will then insure makes it to the right places and gets noticed by the search engine. I somewhat understand the public relations business and social networking platforms, but AuroIN is an absolute pro at utilizing social networking to benefit your SEO campaign. They cover social networking in a way that I would never have enough time or enough knowledge to cover.

After having our site online for 6 years, our web rankings were stagnant, including rising no higher than #43 for our most important keyword. After only six months with AuroIN we are now the #3 web ranking in our most important keyword in a highly competitive market, and are near the top on many others. I would like to thank AuroIN for their diligent work. We will continue to work with them and have recommended them to several colleagues, but only close friends, because we don't want this secret to get out to our competition."

Cutting Edge Homes Isaac Lassiter

"AuroIN is a very professional SEO company. We are pleased with their efficiency of reporting, excellent support, and unlike a lot of other SEO's, they actually do what they say. In just 1 month we saw a marked improvement in the our keyword positions. AuroIN professionalism provides our company the feeling of its reliability that leads to our success in our business."

zell-arazim Irit Kahane, Maya Kahane
Zell Arazim Pharmacy
Irit Kahane
Irit Kahane
Maya Kahane
Maya Kahane

"We have tried several SEO companies in the past. Therefore we were at first sceptic when we received an offer from you. But the professionalism of your offer convinced us to check you out, and I am glad we did. We selected the SEO Silver Plan and the PPC Platinum Plan. At any given time we know what you are working on and any concerns are addressed within hours, not days!"

AuroIN Testimonials Markus Heitkoetter
Rockwell Trading Inc. Chicago, IL 60604

"I manage 10 websites involved in the hotel booking industry. Since my scope of work is very wide (ranging from hotel management to hotel project design and construction and real estate development) and SEO is so important to all of our sales, I recently decided after 18 years managing my own SEO that it would be more efficient to hire professionals to do this important job. I was uncertain who to try so during the last two months I have tried 4 different SEO companies with different sites. AuroIN was the last company I decided to start with and after only one month we¹ve seen great improvement and I feel very confident we will achieve our goals in a very reasonable short time (3 months).

When comparing SEO companies there are many good ones out there and it can be difficult to differentiate who is better or worse without actually testing them. I can state with certainty, AuroIN has a very professional system and staff of the companies I¹ve worked with. This starts with their very well thought out SEO Checklist and tracking system which is all web based and therefore allows you to keep in very close touch with your project without sending mails to request progress reports. They are also extremely proactive in maintaining proper correspondence and also offering ideas and support outside the normal scope of work.

Also, AuroIN is reasonably priced, not the cheapest or most expensive, but reasonable and they account for all work done in terms of manhours and generally put in more than was paid for. They go the extra mile and when I consolidate my projects from the 4 companies we now use down to 2, I am quite certain AuroIN will remain in the list of companies I work with. I can also guarantee anyone who tries AuroIN will be satisfied and you will save money compared to Pay per click or any other web marketing tactics. And the main lesson I¹ve learned in the last three months is I wish I¹d hired professionals to do this job a long time ago."

AuroIN Testimonials Eric Phuket Hotels & Restaurants in Phuket, Thailand

"AuroIN is the master of SEO. They not only provide great results in any SEO project but also keep themselves up to date with the latest and greatest happening the SEO world. We have been fortunate to partner with AuroIN. It’s always a pleasure working with Annada and his team. They are very professional and at the same time very friendly to work with. Thank you, AuroIN for all the good work you do for us."

AuroIN Testimonials Gourab Nanda
Mybusinessassistant, Frederick, Maryland