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Search Engine Optimization & Google - Guidelines

Among all major search engines, webmasters give prime importance to Google and try to get #1 position in Google SERPs. Now a question arises, “why do people strive to get a good rank in Google?”

Generally, webmasters launch their websites to promote their business online. So, as a webmaster you can’t achieve your objectives unless and until visitors know where to find you. This is the main reason behind optimizing your website for search engines. Among all search engines visitors give more importance to Google because most of the searchers depend on Google to get their required information and it is currently dominating the search engine market because of its flawless results.A good position in Google can help you to get maximum benefits for your website. Among all forms of online advertising media, Google SEO is the most money-spinning form of advertising in the internet advertising market. So you need to know what you should do to properly recognize and categorize your website for top rankings in Google.

Google has laid down some important SEO guidelines to optimize your website. Some of them are given below:

  • Follow advanced techniques for your web page optimization and link building.
  • Discover distinctive keyword strategies.
  • Google SEO content and text focus on the content you place on your web page and it should be unique and original.
  • In your Google SEO campaigns, include the correct use and positioning of header tags.
  • Always follow best practice-strategies to maximize traffic.
  • The title of your webpage is the most vital part and it gives brief description about the actual content of the page. So, when you are working on Google SEO, focus on current use of titles.
  • Maintain right keyword density in your content. Don’t overstuff your keywords within your content, otherwise it may get spammed.
  • Inter linking strategy is very important from search engine point of view because it helps the search engine spider navigate different pages on your website and collect the information and content on each web page of your website.

If you are really interested to get a good rank in Google SERPs, then the points which are discussed above will definitely be helpful for you.