Google Zeitgeist- Mode of presenting Internet

“Google Zeitgeist – Search Patterns, Trends, and Surprises according to Google”. This is sufficient to prove why Google is the best among its competitors. Google has revolutionized the use of World Wide Web. Wherever you are in the world, Internet has made the distance shorter and Google has quickened and systematized the process. Let’s have a glance what exactly ‘Google Zeitgeist’ offers.

The term “Zeitgeist” is the combination of two German vocabulary; Zeit (means TIME) and Geist (Spirit) which literally means ‘The spirit of the time’. The term is defined in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate English Dictionary as "The general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era". Google has realized the essence of the meaning and has done a great job implementing the idea in this service. Google Zeitgeist explores its own users’ search behavior and their preference. This explored information is based on an analysis of the total searched queries through Google Search Box weekly, monthly as well as yearly. The most important factor is that it can show you the global result and country wise result, too. This information can give you a clear (at least a rough) list of queries for which World Wide Web is searched.

I don’t know how far this Google Zeitgeist will be helpful for common users, but I’m sure, one can easily tell what the globe prefers to search in World Wide Web. Has not Google Zeitgeist made this complex (and almost impossible) task easy for a layman’s comprehension?

Though, some analysts doubt over the validity and reliability of the Google Zeitgeist information, I would like to tell these great, but dissatisfied minds that you can’t mean both ‘popularity’ and ‘top’ synonymously. Every top keyword might be a popular one and the search volume might be high but that doesn’t mean every popular keyword will have high search volume.

This Google service gives significant information to the online service providers regarding their positive areas and drawbacks, which will enable them to improve the quality of their services and products. This can ease the World Wide Web monitoring process and tracking the web surfers. The data can be useful for the online marketers in promoting their products. For search engine optimization experts, this information is also very useful. They can analyze queries such as which sector is high on demand and in which areas so that they can optimize the websites by using those queries or keywords. Thus, we can conclude that Google Zeitgeist information gives us a clear and precise idea related to the preferences and trends of Google users worldwide.