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Do you wish to submit your site to thousands of directories for better search engine directory placement? We are offering you this service as a part of our affordable SEO service. We have more than five thousand directory sites with PageRank. Don’t we have a great resource for your directory submission! Just place your order for directory submission. You can read the article on Open Directory Project for more information regarding the history of directory.

Follow the following guidelines for directory submission for better search engine directory placement:

  1. Find out whether your website is fit and appropriation for submission.
  2. Do not submission your site again if has been submitted before in the same directory. But, if there is substantial change to the webpage submitted before, or if the same page has not been indexed for some time then you can resubmit it. Remember, a change of description in the webpage does not constitute ‘substantial change’.
  3. Identify the proper and the best category submission.
  4. Add the URL to appropriate to the proper and appropriate category in the directory.
  5. You should use some quality site statistic software to such as WebTrends and MediaHouse to measure the improvement of your site after each submission.

Open Directory Project 1

Open Directory Project 2