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The Open Directory was launched in June 1998. It was initially referred to as NewHoo, but was later acquired by AOL (America online) AOL also owned Netscape in November 1998 and the volunteer editors of the company decided that anyone acquiring an open license arrangement would be able to use information from the directory.

Features :-

Generally searching the Open Directory site is not recommended as because it has no "backup" results. Moreover the result is displayed neither on the basis of ranking of sites nor on the basis of alphabetical order.

Keyword search :-

The keyword search of the open directory uses the Google Directory to search information rather using its own. Thus the Google's refined relevancy algorithms are used for link analysis to get better pages on the top. So the resulting sites are listed in the order of descending Page Rank. Thus the sites having more popularity and greater page rank will be displayed at the top.

Comparison of Search engine and Directory :-

The task of both (Search engines and Internet Directories) is the same that is searching the World Wide Web for websites. But their way of conducting the search is different. Even they might list and show different results for the same search query.

The search engine examines and considers the entire on page and off page components of the web page while searching whereas the directories considers a limited number of words to describe the WebPages.

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Supplementary information on Open directory