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Internet Marketing is dependent to a large extent on link building. Link Building is an SEO technique adopted by the Website owners to improve the page rank of their site and attract more and more visitors to their site. This is basically the process of creating inbound links to one’s own website.

The number of incoming links pointing to a site is known as link popularity. Link popularity is essential to grab the attention of search engines. It also plays an important role to get targeted visitors to a site.

Link Building Strategies:

There are many effective strategies of link building being followed by SEO professionals to boost the link popularity of their clients’ sites, such as:

An Impressive Content

Quality content is second to none and a genuine text is what the web surfers look for. A well-developed text refers to the text that has got all the useful information related to that site and valuable for the web surfers. Quality information on a web page gives other sites a reason for link building. Useful, original and unique content always attracts other sites to offer links to provide information to their visitors.

Link Popularity

The page rank of the webpage that is making link or the page of source text is equally important as well. Each link is considered as a vote to the site of the destination page. Links received from webpages that have good page ranks can enhance the rank of the linked site. Apart from that the number of outgoing links from the source page is also a matter to be taken into account. Greater the number of outgoing links from source page, lower the value that a destination page get.

Media Sites

Media sites play a vital role to get more and more links. Press releases by a website can draw the attention of related sites towards the site. Media sites have maximum number of viewers and getting coverage and link to a site can increase the amount of traffic. It is wise to submit the page in every possible site to attract other sites for link building.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is important as it provides links and it should be related to the linked site. Links from a source text that has no relation with the destination site can have negative effect. The most important keyword of the linked site should appear in the anchor text where from the link can be created. Hence, from both the side of links - incoming and outgoing links – anchor text is considered vital.

Page and Industry Relevance

Getting links from a closely related category of page is always useful. Likewise, if the theme of both linking and linked pages is closely related to each other, it gets importance in search engines. The algorithm that determines the page relevance of a site is called “Applied Semantics”. It is better to get links from relevant page than getting links from the sites that does not match to the industry of the linked site.

Reciprocal Link

Reciprocal links refer to getting incoming links from relevant and related site and giving links to that site in return. Other sites can be asked for exchange of links so that it will be easier to get links for the first place. Reciprocal linking with sites such as Google, Yahoo and MSN is always beneficial.

Online Industries and General Business Directories

A website can be submitted to an online industry and general business directories to get more number of links. Some directories can be paid for that.

Following the above link building strategies one can get a link popularity and high page rank in search engines and targeted traffic as well.