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Page title is the name of the page that is written in the title tag of HTML. It is important for a page because it is generally displayed in the search engine result pages and people use this while linking to.

As the page title describes the page it is the first and foremost thing that is to be considered while optimizing the page. Title will provide the readers the idea about the content of a page. Again while link building title represents the page to which the link goes. There are some points needed to be taken care of while writing the title of a page.

  • Title should be written in simple language.
  • Using the targeted keyword of the page is the best way to write a title.
  • It should be as short as possible and to the essence.
  • It should be meaningful and to the point.
  • It is better to avoid tricky or clever words in the title.
  • Keyword stuffing is best avoidable in the title.
  • Putting the domain name in the home page title can be helpful if it has got one of the keywords. While in the other pages it can be used following some important information.


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