Search Engine Optimization & E-marketing: A Comparison

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Are SEO and Internet marketing inter-related with each other?

As an SEO expert, I’ve experienced that most people ask the above question quite often. Though I have explained to every visitor who has contacted me, yet I think it would be better to write an article on Internet marketing and SEO. Let’s explore, “what is Internet marketing.”

Internet Marketing:

Since the introduction of the Internet in the late nineties, it has been spreading rapidly and a lot of changes and reformations have been taking place in this sector. Currently, Internet has been so deep rooted, without which a world can’t be imagined. Gradually, Internet has become the mainstream for information access. As a result the whole world can access anything at any time from any desktop. Thus various companies found Internet as the best platform for promoting their products and services. Through their own websites they have started promoting their products and services, which is still continuing in an advanced manner. Very often, people ask the difference between web marketing and Website marketing. Website marketing is totally a new concept, whereas web marketing is a known term in the Internet marketing sphere. Web marketing includes terms like E-shop, E-procurement, E-auction, E-mall, Third party marketplace, virtual communities. Products are promoted by published web advertisements, e-mails, classifieds and several other techniques. But Website marketing does not include all the above procedures. Here the website is more important than the products or services it offers. After the introduction of search engines, website marketing came into existence. For more details regarding website promotion, you can continue reading our section on SEO Topics.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Though the phrase appears a bit complex to comprehend, yet it is very simple to be explained. Normally, Internet surfers search information by typing a query (in SEO, it is called as keywords) in the search box of a search engine. These services are provided by search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, AllTheWeb and so on. Thus search engines search web pages containing that keyword by its own web crawler (otherwise known as Spider or Bot.). SEO experts redesign websites using SEO techniques to make them search engine friendly. As a result, when someone searches for information by typing a particular keyword, the optimized webpage appears on the top of the result pages. Some of the SEO techniques are mentioned below.

  1. Keyword/Phrase Analysis.
  2. Content modification.
  3. Blog, forum posting and article submission.
  4. Link campaigning.

Hope I have been able to answer most of your questions. If you have more questions regarding Internet marketing and SEO then do read related articles in the SEO topics section.