Hidden and Paid Links: Affect your Google Ranking

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Webmasters launch their websites to promote their business online. As every diamond needs to be polished to sparkle, every aspect of your website need to be optimize for better search engine rankings. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be the best technique to fulfill your objectives. If you are being able to get good rank then it will ultimately improve the sales of your products and services. But search engines strictly prohibit optimizing your website using unethical techniques and it ban the websites using shady optimization techniques.

Unethical SEO techniques include doorway pages, cloaking, hidden links and paid links. Recently, Google has commented on hidden and paid links and how they affect your website’s ranking in Google SERPs.

What are hidden links? How Google deals with hidden links?

When you use same color text in same color background, it is considered as hidden text. If you use that text as link, then it is known as hidden link. These are the links which can be seen by search engine spiders, but not by website visitors. Webmasters adopt this technique to stuff their keywords through hidden text and it will help them to improve their rankings within very short span of time. These hidden texts are used in different forms, such as:

  • Using CSS to decrease the size of hyperlinks like a pixel height.
  • Hiding links in something like the period in the middle of a paragraph.

But there is a caveat - use of this hidden links is against Google guidelines. If it will be identified by Google, then chances are that your website may get banned by Google. Google can detect most hidden links. Google can detect most hidden links and the process is going on to develop advance techniques to detect such type of links very soon.

What are paid links? How can it affect your website?

Text links for which the webmaster of the linked site pay is known as paid links. Such type of links can be used to advertise your website on other sites. If a site pays for a link and it is purely meant for link justice, then it may be dangerous for you to be associated with that website. The sites that are engaged in link selling can lose their trust in search engines.

Paid links can affect the organic ranking of the respective website. Google is going to look at paid links more closely in the future. Their team members are trying to find out a way to filter out all paid links. This may create problem for Text Link Ads and other link spammers. As per Google new algorithm, paid links will not help you to increase your ranking in search engines.

Therefore, it is always advisable to use white-hat techniques while optimizing your web pages. It may take some time, but definitely you would be able to get a good rank in Google SERPs.