Link Building Services/ Schemes: Link Trading

Want to improve your website's ranking?

Link building services are a must-go-for and the most sought-after strategy of SEO services. Indeed, exchanging links is the easiest and an effective way to get online exposure and to increase traffic. Link Trading is the method to make other websites to link to your website and to offer them a link from your site in return. You need to be careful while offering link exchange.

You should know to whom you are offering. It works well with those who are in the same industry as yours. Be careful and make sure that the link trading will not downgrade the quality of your own site when you add these links to your site. Link trading is something that requires a lot of efforts, but is very beneficial and effective if done correctly.

Increase the website's traffic :-

Today the Webmasters are constantly searching for methods to produce well qualified traffic. An effective link trading policy can increase the website's traffic to a great extent.

Link Trading should be slow and steady. Few Webmasters use spam techniques like bulk mailing etc. for exchanging links and getting more number of incoming links to get a good ranking in search engines as fast as possible. Use of spam techniques may hamper the site's traffic by putting penalties on your site.

Webmasters spend much by bidding high to get top ranks in Pay per Click search engines. They also spend a fair amount in advertising their site using banners. Link trading is the cheapest and an effective form of website marketing though it takes some time and effort.

One Way Link

One Way Link are the links from other websites to your site without having to give a link back in return so are very hard to obtain. Site A gets a referral link from site B without having to link back to site B.

Two Way Link

Two Way Link are links given to a site in exchange for a link in return from that exact site. This is called reciprocal linking in which both sites provide a link to each other so are very easy to obtain. Site A links to Site B which links back to site A.

Three Way Links

Three Way Links pertains to three sites linking. Some webmasters own multiple sites and try to build one of their sites by offering links from their other sites. They provide a link to a site on their other site and get a link to the main site in return. This is a method to obtain a quality one way link by linking to entirely different site. Site A links to site B which links to Site C which Links to Site A.