Website Promoters Offers Valuable Online Marketing Tips

  • Search Engines’ Web Page Ranking Techniques:

All search engines are adopting almost similar strategies to rank webpages. The difference lies in emphasis they give only web pages. The difference also lies in emphasis they give on any one of these strategies. Let’s go deeper into the topic. Google gives ranks to webpages according to one-way links by quality; relevance of content with the theme of webpage; presence of keywords in title, H1, description and in content. In addition, it also gives importance to reciprocal links (two-way link building.) Like Google, Yahoo and MSN also give importance to these strategies.

Google gives more importance on these elements because it wants to maintain WWW authenticity and uniqueness in information. That is one of the vital factors behind Google’s popularity. The last month’s (June) statistics says Google has received total 2.67 billion queries (almost 49.4 percent of June's total,) whereas, Yahoo received half of the Google’s query-reception and placed at the second place with 1.24 billion, (which is the 23 percent of the total queries.) MSN is placed at the third spot by dealing with 10.3 percent of the total queries. Now you can realize Google’s popularity in the World Wide Web. Whether the statistics is authenticity or not, but one thing is clear that Google is the most popular search engine among all internet users. That’s why, I always put stress on the AuroIN's Webmaster Guidelines. Let’s deal with the importance of ‘inbound link.’

  • Significance of Inbound Link:

As we know, search engine optimization is done in two ways: off-page optimization and on-page optimization. Link campaigning is one of the off-page optimization strategies. It can be done in three ways: one-way, two-way and three-way link campaigning. One-way or inbound or natural link is the most vital among them. Google considers One Way Link is the link from other website to your site without having to give a link back in return. Site A gets a referral link from site B without having to link back to site B. That’s why it’s really very difficult to obtain one-way link and thus, the vitality of inbound links is the most important off-page factor. Inbound link can be obtained by directory submission, article and blog posting.

  • Visitors’ Attitude:

In marketing every businessman targets customers. The more you attract customers to your business, the more your business will grow. So, you have to think much quicker than your visitors do. The reason is, you may have hundreds of strategies to attract visitors to your site, but one reason would be sufficient to click BACK button to run out from your website. So you have to take care of visitors’ expectation and intention. The statistics says almost 28.91% visitors are using 2-word keyword/phrase; 27.85% visitors are using 3-word keyword/phrase; and 17.11% visitors are using 4 word keyword/phrase for search; whereas only 11.43% visitors are using only 1 word keyword/phrase. From this statistics, you can think how many words your keyword or keyphrase should look like. So before launching your website, the completion of your keyword analysis would be expected. What can you do while selecting specific keyword/phrases for you website:

  1. use keyword phrases that consist of two to four words
  2. avoid very competitive keywords
  3. be specific
  4. only check the keywords that are important to you
  5. Thus, you have to select specific keywords for your site, and then modify your content or you can write new contents for your website. While link campaigning, you can use these specific keywords in Anchor Text and in description also. For more detail, you can read other articles from AuroIN’s SEO Topics. Last but not the least, I would like to focus on how much unique and creative you site is.