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Getting on the Top of Amazon Listings

When you list a product on Amazon marketplace, the sole motive behind it is to generate high volume of sales and revenue or profit. But as this virtual market space is overcrowded and buyers are spoiled for the choices available, it becomes difficult to achieve the goals. So to get there to the top of the Amazon product listing?

Just the basic thing is to walk according to the Amazon’s algorithm A9. Yes, there are a few strategies that can help in maximizing your sales and conversion rates. Here are a few of them:

  • Top Quality Products: Amazon cares for its customer very much and does not allow anyone to meddle with them. And customers are experts and can quickly distinguish between the good and the bad ones. Hence, it is always better to go for high quality products when you are stepping into Amazon. And the better the quality is, the better it is for a seller.
  • More Feedbacks for Products: When your product garners higher number of positive feedbacks, Amazon’s algorithm places it on the top of the product list when searched. Positive Feedbacks on Products are act as factors affecting the relevance of the page and thus help in reaching the top. More positive feedbacks means more sales and the reverse is also true.
  • Have the listings optimized: One of the even better ways to reach the top position is optimizing the contents with appropriate keywords. Yes, using proper keywords, that are research­backed at proper places in the title and blending them seamlessly in the contents and product description is highly effective. As most of the sellers are now are going hi­tech, they know exactly how to do research for the keywords and which one to target and include in the product page to get better rankings. Optimizing the Url of the listing page with keywords is also a good idea. This enhances your chances of ranking higher too.
  • Conversion­Prone Product Contents: A good product description should provide a thorough and 360 degree view of the product to the browser even if they are unable to touch it. Vivid and life­like descriptions can help customer in imagining the experience. It is necessary to design contents that have captivating and crisp data and can capture the attention of the reader. A well designed proposal for great quality product can boost conversion rate of the product page and increase sales.
  • Completeness of Product Description: As mostly online consumers are more tech savvy and look out for details, not giving an accurate, complete and detailed description of the product, will turn them off and not go for the product. So, descriptions should be clear, complete, accurate and typo free.
  • Great Quality Images: Images play a vital role while crafting a good product description. A good and sharp image can attract a browser to the page and tempt to read the description. Good and clear images that shows the product from every angle is appreciated. But, on the other hand blurry shots and poor lighting in photographs are always a disappointment for browsers and can take them away even before they read product description.

As said by Philip Kotler “Marketing is a race without a finishing line” but all of us want to be at the top. But just dumping the products in Amazon’s catalog will not help with improving sales or conversion rate. It is better to create a great quality Amazon product page with conversion- prone contents that can allure visitors to buy your products.

Going for Amazon product page optimization is the best idea as a professionally crafted proposal for your great quality product can enhance the conversion rate of your page and increase your sales. It will make your product page to radiate the value the buyers are looking for and hence they will choose you over others.

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