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How to Choose Keywords for Your Website?

When it comes to SEO, foundation means a lot! Precise keyword research and analysis lays the basis for a strong business structure in the competitive era. Keyword research is the most integral part of SEO, forms the standing stone of whole website. It is factual that, keywords are always to be re-evaluated so that your website can do best in its niche. Hence, if your research is not strong and optimized enough, one will face huge difficulty reaching high in SERP.

Preferring random and less effective keywords above potential one’s would cost in the long run. It is suggestive to hire a professional keyword research service provider rather doing it on own.


Know About the Types of Keywords

1.Generic keywords
These are mostly of 1 or 2 words
Unspecific, mostly used for queries
More traffic, Higher competition
Eg: Keyword Research

2.Broad match keywords
These are about 2 or 3 words.
Have good traffic, less competition
Are content oriented, helps in an average amount of conversion
Eg: Keyword Research Services

3.Long-tail keywords
These are about 4 or more words
Low traffic, low competition
Very specific in its requirements, results in higher conversion rate
Eg: Best Keyword Research Service Provider

Again, the above keywords are made on the basis of different points, data and usage such as

  • Branded or non-branded keywords: If the keywords refer to any particular brand, then known as branded, but if does not refer any particular brand, then known as non-branded keywords.
  • Geographical keywords: These are the ones which are made specifically keeping in mind the local or global variations.
  • Seasonal keywords: These are specially made to state or symbolize different occasions, seasons, etc. Importance of keywords depends on many points, we are describing below so that next time when someone comes across keyword research and analysis.
  • Relevancy: Be specific in your niche because showing up in irrelevant search engine results page is not worth. Be mindful, be specific about your theme.
  • Size of the Keyword: While creating the keyword for your website, combine the words that describe your products or services, keeping in mind the user’s intent. Your list should combine both broad match & long tail keywords, then only one can come up with a precise and useful keywords.
  • Check Traffic Volume: Choose your keywords with enough traffic for your business, to gain a better rank with hike in sales or conversion rate. Again, acceptance of long-tail keywords are important, although they don’t have much traffic, but mostly lure the targeted audience.
  • Be targeted: Make the keywords website-oriented to help search engines understand your site better. Try to avoid short-term keywords because of high competition and lack of specification.
  • Have low competition: While chalking out the keyword list, keep in mind your niche, try to follow it. Getting traffic from highly competitive keywords can be time-consuming as well as budget loss, resulting in less conversions. Creativity and research on low competitive keywords is important for saving both money and time.
  • Expansion of Keyword list: Expansion of list is worth, as the trend, occasions, and seasons keep on changing. All the above points are required while hunting the best keywords for your site.

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