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Using Twitter Ads for Business Marketing ­- Top 7 Tips & Tricks

Twitter for Business ­ This three letter phrase refers to the vast spectrum of one of the most popular PPC marketing campaign in online media. Using Twitter for business marketing and development has turned out to be incredibly effective. The fact that 500 million users access twitter monthly makes marketers rethink about this social media tool when they sit down to devise business promotion tactics. The ever­growing Twitter community and Advertising campaigns provides ample opportunities for SMEs to find their target market and plan out strategies to drive more conversions.

Using Twitter ads campaign management services not only provides more value to your business, it multiplies the benefit you were receiving earlier. From increasing your followers to driving web conversions, twitter advertising campaigns can help you everything you need for your business.
Following are the top 7 tips and tricks you can use to create powerful promotional tweets that will amplify traffic and engagements.

#1: Build a content strategy

Create a perfect mix of content strategy that keeps them engaged over time. Write contents that can be easily understood by your audience. Also making it compelling, witty, and humorous, while making sure it is business appropriate.

#2: The 80/20 rule

If the only thing you are doing is trying to push your audience towards your website. you won’t have a long lasting relationship with your followers. Setting business aside for a moment, indulge into conversations and listen to what your followers are speaking. The best way is to go with the 80/20 rule where 80% of your tweets must focus on driving interactions with your followers. such as retweet, replies, and likes and the rest 20% will be business- driven. Once you think that you have built some rapport, you can mix in direct offers and promotions with other tweets to get follower to take an action.

#3: Do not Over­Sell or Self promote

Boasting your supremacy even though you are might not be favorable. Keep a humble tone and do not over­sell or self promote if you want to win the hearts of your viewers. Take a moment and see what other businesses are doing on Twitter and develop your own reputation-­building strategy

#4: Get visual and creative

Followers are more likely to respond to tweets that are funny, news-worthy, and inspiring. Get visually creative by adding bright and colorful images that highlights your idea and make the concept more vivid.

#5: Start with compelling offer

Pique curiosity, drive clicks, and generate leads by creating a relevant and timely offer.

#6: Create a sense of urgency

Harness Twitter’s real­time nature to inspire action. Creating urgency makes your audience act fast. For instance, limit the availability of your offer to a specific time period, such as for the next 5 hours.

#7: Include a clear call to action

If you want people to click on a URL, don’t include hash-tags, mentions, or photos that could distract a user from your link.

Twitter Ads is the number one priority for your business. Go for it now! Find the best Twitter advertising management agency that will help grow your business fast and within the minimum investment.

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