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The Only Link Building Strategy You Need in 2016

2016 is here! This brings us to the new SEO strategies you need to implement this year to get into the game of the big guys. The once sworn­in directory submissions is now frowned- upon by digital marketing experts and most importantly, Google. If you want to rank higher, you need to change your link building game; and we are here with all the arsenal you need!

without further ado... let's begin!

Since the Penguin algorithm update in 2012, orthodox link building strategies (spam... to be honest!) was penalized and devalued by Google; however, some techniques still work and are practiced by many. Digital marketers around the world devised brand new strategies for those golden backlinks to improve website's PR. Some of the strategies shared in the following paragraphs many not be new, but the hard fact is that, these techniques are still not practiced by many and are unheard by most. We are here as your savior and urge you to ditch those old­school techniques and adopt religiously what we have shared herein.

Top Techniques:

  • Getting Natural links from Top website, without you having to ask them
  • Outreach link building by manually contacting them

Note: You will have to contact relevant people in your niche (not your direct competitors) to feature your link in his website; however, you need to have enough good reasons for them to put your links on their website. Again, only links from top websites will give more authority to the link.

Aforementioned techniques are the best strategies, which are done by the professional link building services provider; and, it's not for everyone... it's understandable; however, if you can pull it off, trust me, you will find your silver lining.

  • Guest Blogging
    This is probably the best technique any business can launch to get immediate results. Again, your guest posts have to be damn good and utterly compelling. It could be in the form of a guide, tutorial, whitepaper, and infographic. Create content on surveys and industry trend reports. Companies providing expert link building services can create a myriad of high ­quality contents, that high ­authority blog sites will accept.
  • Ego Bait
    Blog with a list of top personalities and their contribution in the respective field with backlinks to their personal profile, website or blog. This brings you to their radar, and you are more likely to get mentions in social media posts, giving you more exposure. However, you may need to contact respective personalities before posting. You could request for an interview if you like.
  • Link Reclamation
    Link reclamation is a big deal in advanced link­building strategies. Digital marketing influencers will swear by it! You need to contact prospects who's website have a broken URL, show them how your content is better than the one they had and ask them to direct URL to your page. However, before approaching you must have prepared a relevant content beforehand.
  • Social Media Shares
    Creating viral social media posts is part art and part science! Be smart and be bold! Share posts that are call­to­actions in itself. Questionnaire, poll, and even controversial views are a good way to start with!
  • Getting link for Your Mentions
    Someone may have mentioned you in their blog posts or any website for that matter. You could track them down and ask the webmaster to provide a link to your website, instead of simply posting it. If Someone has posted your copyright images in their website or blog. Instead of suing them, you could ask them to give a backlink in exchange of using your image.

What kind of topics are gold for link building?

  • An infographic
  • A data visualization
  • A white paper, research report, case studies, eBooks, manuals
  • A how­to guide
  • A video
  • An image gallery
  • Blogs with 'Lists'

However, other conventional strategies such as: links in reviews and testimonials are still a great way, if done by professionals. Engage in discussion platform and Q&A forums, if you may! If some of the aforementioned strategies are already in place and you are still falling short; then, you are doing it the wrong way! You need to hire expert SEO link building agency for the job, how do they do it? Watch out for our blog with complete process and steps.

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