Get Ready To Rank Your Site On SERP – “MOBILEGEDDON”

In the world of Digital Marketing, hummingbirds, pandas, and penguins are similar to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Most algorithm updates come with indistinct, but Google recently announced “On April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will include mobile searches

What is Creative Strategy?

Digital Marketing budgets 2016: metrics and challenges

Enhance your marketing strategy as an engine for growth, unlock revenue, gain dynamic market share, build stronger brands and secure your own personal success as a marketing leader. Some 85% of global marketing plan to increase their digital marketing spend in 2015, according to a recent report. More than 38% of marketers plan to spend


How is Press Release Critical for Successful Business?

In a nutshell, a press release lets you issue a summary of your company updates across news media and other publications. Much like a news article, they are meant to inform the public about current offerings, new services, company event, product releases and more. A number of press release is published everyday by a


On-Page Optimization: Latest Trends to Expect in 2015

Search Engine Optimization is quickly evolving into more refined and sophisticated process. Google doesn’t just care about the keywords any more! Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Goolge+ are also playing a major role; so are the mobile devices. Advent of other smart products like TV, wrist-watch, 3-D displays, Google Glass


Content Marketing in 2015

Content Marketing is simple, but requires hard-work and consistency! The art of creating ‘valuable’ and ‘relevant’ content that compels users’ attention is not easy. Moreover, you need to have a clearly defined targeted customer to get the most out of your investment. Basically, you need to


What is an .Edu or .Gov Link Worth of?

Quantifying the value of links is one type of assessment every search marketer is interested in. This gives them a fair idea of the amount of time and money they need to invest in the link building efforts. Generating back links from high authority sites has always been one of the top methods SEO Audit

EmailMarketing: Superb Marketing Tool That Delivers High ROI

Establishing an online presence is a good way to leverage your sales and improve brand awareness. Marketing, on the other hand is the best way to drive better visibility; especially with ‘Digital-Marketing’. However, there are many aspects and techniques of digital-marketing that can be launched to make a promising return! But, there is one SEO Audit

Why Do You Need Infographics Now More Than Ever?

Infographics is slowly being identified as one of the most powerful tool in the arena of content marketing to optimize your business the organic way. As per a study, infographics search volume has rose over 800 percent in the last 2 years. People are opting graphical data more and the demand has surged unbelievably since the advent of Pinterest. SEO Audit

2016 Link Building Strategies With Detailed Process and Steps

The advent of 2016, brings new changes in our work processes to improve our services to global customer. For a start, we have come-up with new link building strategies, which we had described in our article post. In this blog we will share a detailed step-by-step guide to the latest link building campaigns. SEO Audit

3 Key Elements of a Sale-­Magnet Business Video

The approach of selling a product has evolved from long narrative contents, to short lines, to pictures and now to videos. SEO Audit

Common Mistakes to Avoid for Amazon Product Listings

Amazon is one of the best platform to showcase your products in front of millions of customers worldwide. And chances that your sales will sky­rocket is also high. But, sometimes it happens that, despite of your listing a product on Amazon, you don't see good results for your business. SEO Audit

Approach a Professional Keyword Research Service Provider-2016

As the days pass on, Google tends to become exceptionally sophisticated towards its SEO approach. Because of which, conventional methods are becoming insufficient, inefficient and many times get disapproved by Google. SEO Audit

Twitter Ads Campaign ­ Need or Necessity?

For businesses, Twitter is the most usual place to be. This social media avenue is growing at an overwhelming pace and there is simply no excuse to be inactive on Twitter for any SME. SEO Audit

#5 Steps To Launch a Successful Facebook Fan Page Promotion

Log‐in to Facebook and create a page while logged in your personal profile. Choose from the main categories of the Pages and decide which one fits your business. SEO Audit

How LinkedIn proves itself when it comes to promotion?

As the demand for paid ads is continuously on the rise, More and more search engines and social media platforms are regularly arising out of the grave.

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