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Common Mistakes to Avoid for Amazon Product Listings


Amazon is one of the best platform to showcase your products in front of millions of customers worldwide. And chances that your sales will sky­rocket is also high. But, sometimes it happens that, despite of your listing a product on Amazon, you don't see good results for your business.

Your product quality is very good, but still falling short on sales. Think about your product page. When everything else is fine, then the product page needs dire attention. It must be the reason why you are not doing good in sales.

Here are a few mistakes that seller often make that can actually kill your sales:

  • Lack of a Clear value Proposition: The value proposition is what will decide whether browsers will proceed further on reading about your product or will leave the page and go back. You should be very clear with why your product is so beneficial for a prospective buyer and why should they buy it from you and nobody else.
  • Misleading Product Descriptions: Online buyers are tech savvy and look out for more details of everything they buy. To please them it is necessary to provide a complete and detailed description of the product. Beating around the bush and misleading information can turn­off the buyers. Every aspect of the product must be clearly mentioned and no deceptive information and jargons need to be avoided. Contents must be clear, concise and engaging and have every technical detail that a buyer looks for. Such information enhances the credibility of sellers too.
  • Grammar mistakes: ­ To please the hi­tech customers, it is necessary that the contents need to be flawless. Making any errors, be it spellings or grammar can be easily spotted and could create an embarrassing situation. Proofread all the contents carefully before making them live.
  • Poor Quality Images: Blurry shots and poor lighting in photographs are always unpleasant for browsers and can take them away even before they read product description. It is always suggested using high­quality images that are preferably shot from different angles to give a 360 degree view of the product. As look and feel aspect lacks in online shopping so providing images of great quality can uplift the shopping experience of the buyer and will also increase the trustworthiness of the seller.

Always focus on providing vivid description that takes the shopping experience to the next­level. Illustrate the product with contents that are crisp and to the point and capture the attention of readers.

Remember, a professionally created product page for a great quality product can amplify the conversion rate the product page and increase the sales volume. Get the job done by professionals who provide Amazon product page optimization services to see its magic.

Why is Amazon Product Page optimization Important?

As online shopping has gained more momentum than that of what was predicted, it has become necessary for the sellers to list their products on virtual markets like Amazon for achieving good sales volume. Online shopping is trending now at a faster pace and more and more people are getting addicted to this easy shopping option everyday.

But not all the sellers who have listed their products with the big­shots like Amazon are getting positive results. Simply dumping a product among many others will not lead anywhere. The page will not be reachable unless it is optimized properly keeping the requirements of Amazon in forefront.

What an Optimized Product Page can do for the seller:

  • A good and optimized product page can make your product stand­out among the crowd and look unique to the buyers even if there are hundreds of similar products selling under different names and brands.
  • Uses tried and tested tricks to create a master plan that will improve the rankings of the page and make it reachable to the buyers with less effort.
  • Captures the minds of the buyers with its attention seeking contents and appeals to their buying instinct.
  • The product description in it is very clear and engaging and entices the browsers to buy the product.
  • All the features of the product are described in a proper fashion with subheadings and bullet points to present every detail clearly. This avoids confusions and doubts regarding the product.
  • Makes use of research­backed keywords at right places that amplifies the chances of ranking the page higher in Amazon’s internal search engine and searchable with a simple browse searching.
  • It keeps the browsers hooked with the required information they look for and thus improves the conversion rate and reduces bounce rate for the page.

Getting Amazon product page optimization services for your product from professionals will improve your visibility, reachability to the browsers who are looking forward for one of your kind. It will get into the buyer's mind by addressing the needs of the targeted audience and meet their expectations.

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