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Canonical Issue

Canonical Issue and How to Deal With It? The region of SEO is humongous and the only way to invade it is by keeping a better score, i.e., a top ranking. But sometimes, it might happen that even if after fulfilling every required responsibility perfectly from your end, your site is not showing anywhere near the top. Canonical issues can be one of the reasons here.

Intensity of canonicaliztion in SEO practices

Canonicalization refers to picking the URL from a list that has the best content. If multiple web pages have the similar content but different URLs, links that are intended to go to a specific page gets split up. As a result, the popularity of the content also gets divided and the optimization of a particular webpage becomes weaker. Canonical issues across different domains may create a really bad impression of your site from a search engine point of view.

What is a canonical issue?

Canonical issue is that meagre hitch that can result in your site getting penalized or removal of pages from your site. Blacklisted IP or canonical URLs are a few examples.

In case of a canonical URL issue, your site becomes accessible by users even when they enter different forms of the same web addresses. When a search engine bot comes across it, it treats these URLs as individual pages with the same content, HTML codes, or meta tags. As a result, it considers one URL that seems to be the best representative and treats the others as spam.

How to deal with it?

The issue can be fixed using a canonical redirect. A complete analysis of the site after parsing each of its canonical issues is the best way of fixing it.

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