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Case Studies - amazon product listing optimization services

Case Study 2016

Amazon Product Page Optimization :

Activity: Amazon Product Listing Optimization


Mikal Clay is regarded as the most knowledgeable professional in the field of hair­care industry and is known for his innovative hair care solutions for diverse ethnicities. With intensive research and tests, he created and developed an innovative line of hair care and body products under the brand Mikal Clay Products.

The product line has many hair enhancement systems for treating various hair care problems, many balms, growth stimulants, vitamins, shampoos, shower creme and many others. Not only hair care, Mikal Clay also has a wide assortment of bath and body care products too. These products are very effective and of high quality. All his products are now available on Amazon.

The Challenge

Though Mikal Clay was very renowned and famous as “The Hair Doctor” but the sales of the products were very low at Amazon and weren’t registering any traffic. Also, through a basic study it was found that there was no proper usage of keywords. The digital business strategy was weak and the page needed optimization as the ranking of the page was poor on search engine.

Higher bounce rate and less conversions ­ Representation of products around the site was unappealing and dull. This led to less conversions and high bounce rate from product pages.

The solution: What we did?

  • We studied the products thoroughly and crafted pithy, crisp and to the point descriptions for every product surfacing all the essential features that the buyers look for.
  • We believed in including such information that would answer any lingering questions that browsers may have and thus convince them to buy the products.
  • Decluttering the page was next, we focused as too much of information would only confuse the browser and lead to higher bounce rate.
  • We focused on covering all the macro as well as micro aspects of the products to give the readers a clear view of what they are about to buy and why they should buy.
  • The description would help the browsers visualize the look and feel of the product and make their shopping experience better.
  • Our research team did a thorough analysis and generated a list of keywords that would help the page to rank better in search engines. And based on these keywords, the page contents were optimized to improve its reachability.
  • Our writers also came up with engaging and optimized product titles. We believe that a properly optimized and befitting title can effectively pre­sell a product before the visitors actually go through the product description.
  • We directed our efforts in designing an effective and optimized page that focuses on engaging the audience with its contents and drive profitable behavior.
  • Highlighting the unique and key features of the product to make it look unique and standout of the crowd and speak about itself was what we aimed for.

The Results:

With the inputs from client and our efforts, the new product page was able to witness a good amount of traffic in initial days of its launch. The new page, thus had improved performance and sales for the product also increased.

It also registered many and genuine customer reviews about the products. This in turn hiked the sales. With the passing weeks we could see that the page became reachable and the ranking improved.

Here are a few statistics:

  • Traffic on page increased: 400%
  • Conversions increased by: 30%
  • Sales increased by : 233%

What Did We Learn?

Amazon product page optimization can definitely lead to increase in the traffic to the page and improve conversion rate. Carefully designing the page keeping the requirements and benefits of the customers and highlighting the features that the browsers look for can help getting favorable actions from the browsers.

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