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Case Studies - Twitter Ads Campaign Management

How a cancer research and medical facility in China gained world-wide exposure?, aka Southern Medical University Renkang Hospital is a cancer research medical facility, located at Guangdong, China. Leading the way in cancer prevention, cure and care, Renkang is known for its ground-breaking treatment methods. Besides main-stream cancer treatment methods like Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Surgery, the medical center also excels in various alternative cancer treatments such as Sonophoto-dynamic therapy, Chinese herbal therapy, immune therapy, etc.


  • Generate website traffic to create awareness in demo-graphics like USA, UK, Asian, and European countries.
  • Although a renowned name in China, Renkang was not equally popular in other parts of the world. The success of treatments has been making waves and they wanted the world to know about it.
  • Another objective was to spread the knowledge about highly effective non­invasive treatments like Sonophoto-dynamic therapy and Chinese herbal therapy for eliminating all types and stages of cancer.

The Plan

The idea was simple: using Twitter advertising and marketing for business promotion and development. The process included: drive twitter engagements, diving into conversations with influencers, maximize the treatment awareness through consistent tweets, retweets, mentions, recommendations.
Combining fun and jovial style with trending hashtags related to all types of cancers, cancer treatments, cancer awareness, and relevant topics can also do wonders for the engagement levels.
Central to the plan will be the caring tone of voice that helps to ‘humanize’ what is a very large cancer research and treatment center.


The campaign generated a great deal of publicity and engagement rates increased by almost 38%, which also helped them to quadruple their offline popularity.
More interactive and outside the ­box posts generated an impressive amount of buzz on social media.
Several campaigns featuring information about alternative cancer treatment methods were the ones that helped the company stand out. As a result, they were highly ‘retweeted’ and ‘favorited’ by users.

Keys to success

AuroIN kicked off the Twitter marketing campaign with tweets that highlighted the features of the state­of­the­art medical facilities of Renkang.

Professional Keyword Research Service  Provider
Professional Keyword Research Service  Provider

With the help of several informative tweets, it tried to create awareness about various alternative treatments like Sonophotodynamic, sonodynamic, photodynamic therapy, etc.

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AuroIN also tried to reach people similar to the Twitter followers of other cancer institutes of the world. These comprised of doctors, patients, cancer professors, authors who have researched on cancer, influencers and general public who were known for discussing topics related to carcinoma.

Focusing on a specific section of demography that was more likely interested in their content started offering better results.

In addition to that, AuroIN presented case studies and blogs of patients that have been the benefactor of successful treatments. The tweets were linked to web pages where users could find real life examples of cases that were dealt with in Renkang.

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AuroIN also wanted to increase awareness and this is where they tried “outside the box” tweets to grow the potential base of audience. Further, it explored a variety of content styles to learn which drove the most audience.

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Monitoring in real­time was the real tactic behind all this. Using Twitter’s real time analytics, we were able to identify which posts were the highest performers. AuroIN then maximized ROI by focusing more on the budget of high performing ads.

Client Feedback:

AuroIN’s Twitter marketing and Twitter ads campaign management services worked excellently for our organization. Our experience was amazing. Social networking advertising really pays off!

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