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AuroIN Conversion fuel optimization whitepaper
Conversion Funnel Optimization – The Business Path to ROI

Thousands of visitors might be visiting your business site daily, but how many of them take an action? The totality of visitors that take an action from the set of options suggested on the landing page is what the real profit is. Unless a visitor comes and does more than just window shopping, your website doesn't ears any amount. To increase the probabilities of a complete action, conversion funnel optimization is the tool you need.

Different perspectives

To make your online marketing more productive, you need to map out the entire task and divide it under two different perspectives; the user and the business. Understanding the transaction from both the sides gives a broader knowledge on the behavior of a user.

  1. 1. The first requirement of a user who is ready to invest time on a particular site how frictionless is the performance of the site. With a mandatory appealing design, the site's response time is an imperative thing.

  2. 2. Next is to think from the business point of view and devise the methods that can pick the interest of the user and influence his decision. They users must have all kinds of choices they are looking for, such as:

    • Purchase the product
    • Register for feeds
    • Be a member
    • Download the PDF/software
    • Learn a skill

    In addition to that, using Google Analytics to the general statistics of the quantum of users percolates from one layer to the other in the sales funnel. The behavior of the users on an average is adjudged using different user testing methods.

    1. A/B testing – What kind of changes will favor the outcome and how they will do so is a rigorous research process our team keeps on undertaking as well as implementing.

    2. Multivariate testing – We develop as many possible hypothesis as required and test them with real-time users in a live environment.

    Focused Content

    Contents that will propel the user towards taking an action and give the best information without diverting their attention in any sort is the key element of an optimized sales funnel.

    You need to make sure that there are no loopholes in the path to conversion. Post-conversion results are also required to be taken into account, which can be utilized to prepare even better future plans for your prospective clients. With the best up-front user experience and strong conversion funnel optimization methods, your ROI will hundred percent see an upsurge.
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The most important aspect of any good website is how effectively it is able to convert incoming traffic into qualified leads and repeat sales. While this might seem like a straightforward concept many business websites go wrong in a variety of different places. From ineffective CTAs to unclear user navigation, there are lots of ways a website can miss the mark. By reading this whitepaper you’ll learn the following and more:

  • How to create concise copy that captivates visitors
  • Strategies for attracting qualified traffic that is looking for what your business specializes in
  • The massive effect mobile optimization can have on your site’s conversion rate
  • How to engage customers so that they generate long term value
  • How A/B testing website changes can generate new sales that you’ve been missing and increase your overall conversion rate

Armed with the knowledge from this whitepaper you can get your website performing to its maximum sales-generating potential.

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