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How to Get Ready for the Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an advanced and unique process of converting website visitors to buyers or leads. In online business, conversion is the king as it is the measuring stick of your company’s profits and losses. Some simple steps can take your business to a different dimension.

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Step 1: Set the Stepping Stone with Groundwork

Initiate the optimization with proper strategy, knowledge of measures, attempts and what drives the conversions. Importance of groundwork is mostly because it estimates your current position, expands your knowledge about the business and pinpoints the areas to be improved. Set your steps with gathering tools and installing them to your site for CRO.
Important and basic tools for analytics ­ Google Analytics, KISSMetrics or Mixpanel, CrazyEgg; use them according to your needs, after installation let them run for some days to collect the data.

Step 2: Set up a Baseline

Strategy of conversion involves its metrics, tons of user input and analytics. Knowing the starting point is called the baseline. Your improvement absolutely depends on your current performance and can be measured by it too.

Analytics ­ These software track, report and provide information about the activities on your site.

User Surveys ­ Analytics communicate users’ needs; user surveys ­ gain insights from users, this is the best way of having user feedback in their own words.

User Testing­ Testing tools permit you to observe your user interaction and make potential changes to progress.

Step 3: Involve in Testable Hypotheses

After using above two steps, you will get some idea about what changes and test some hypotheses accordingly. One can choose either to test a complete page or can change one or more elements by involving A/B or multivariate split testings.
To solve conversion issues we have multiple ways, but the purpose behind it should be strong.

Step 4: Testing Time of your Hypotheses

Prioritize the elements and make a list of all. Keep a check on the points of concern that are regular in user surveys, sites biggest affair, and which issue to prioritize first.
Points to examine while executing the design....

  • Use A/B tests. More changes cause confusion and is troublesome to know, which is working and which not.
  • Start with smaller steps ­ avoid complicated measures at first.
  • Before making a new page, know the issues in older one.
  • Think different.
  • To interpret the effects of tests, consider enough trackers.

Step 5: Run your Tests

Now it's time to give your hypotheses a new direction and platform ­ an act of implementation. The results of the implementation can be tested later with the baseline to get the output. If the test is accomplished successfully, then you can go to the next topic or work on its modification. But, if unsuccessful, then verify the data again and work on a new design.

Step 6: Increase usage of video and images

Importance of videos and images on the landing page are considered vital elements for conversion. These explanatory, demonstrating, testimonial videos and images increase conversion by user engagement and increasing trust.

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