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Case Studies - Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Renkang hospital is one of the global leading Cancer prevention, cure and care solution center. Their work in cancer research, detection, prevention and support is the best available in any type of cancer problem. The primary aim is to decrease the sufferings and increase the prolong life of the patients through non­toxic cancer treatment methods. Our success in a big project opened new gateways to many new companies and among was one. The case study lights up the initial CRO project for the best cancer solution center.

Renkang hospital wanted us to focus on the improvement of its landing page. After their specification, our ultimate objective was to make a strategy for CRO and designing. To maximize conversions related to cancer treatments and therapies through our request an appointment form and phone calls.

We took the initiation with a full website analysis to identify potential barriers to the conversion funnel. The landing page or homepage is the key of a website and should be made in a way to provoke interaction with the users and dig into the website, but the Renkang hospital home page lacked the clarity and was too clumsy for a visitor.
To overcome the barriers and make it more conveyable, we chose to follow the encapsulation type of design form and page flow to highlight all the important features of the site. We decided on cleaning up the feature of redundant navigation and landed up with authorized and better images to impose the idea of a brand.
For Renkang hospital, we understood the importance of contact number as the best form is to make a call and fix an appointment or have queries and the phone conversions were five times more than the mailing account. So, we decided of highlighting the phone number and place it on the request an appointment form which is placed on the left side of the home page and keeps on moving.

30% increase in leads
29% reduction in bounce rate
15% increase in average visit duration
We effectively delivered the project with an increase in leads of 30% and a reduction in bounce rate by 29%, which conveyed the message that users are satisfied with the information and are getting the things they are finding. Again, an increase of 15% was seen in the average visit duration, meaning stay time on the pages and website has increased when compared with the earlier situation.
The deliverance of successful pages was possible with the design and workflow process. With a small initiation of CRO, a solid change in the business profitability is seen. The optimization of the pages is very effective to direct the visitors on a smoother journey from a mere visitor to qualified lead or a paying customer.

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